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Did you know that February 19th is Whippet Day?  Unless you’re a whippet owner (like me) there’s little chance you knew that.  But as a certified crazy whippet lady, well, I couldn’t let this day pass without celebrating it and shoehorning my whippets into some sort of style-related content!

How Can Whippets Inspire Your Style?

How a whippet can inspire your style - from fabrics that move to quietly luxurious fabrics that are sleek yet soft like the coat of a whippetWhippets are sleek dogs, they run like the wind with grace and speed, appearing to hover over the ground as they race around.  They are a streamlined dog that inspires a streamlined silhouette, with fabric that moves as you move.  

Whippets run fast so you need clothes that move with you

Shoes that let you get about easily and run if you need, are whippet appropriate, from the grace of a ballerina flat to a sleek pair of sneakers that allow you to get up and go with no fuss.  Alternatively, whippets are known for their long legs, so make yours longer and more whippety with a sleek pair of heels.

neutral colours of whippets inspire outfits

Their neutral palette of colours that’s lightly and softly textured (whippets have the softest coats as they have no undercoat and their fur is so lovely to touch) could inspire a softly textured neutral outfit in your favourite neutrals, such as soft greys and fawn, like my blue brindle babies, or whites and beige or even a solid dark blue grey.

You could be inspired by their more delicate appearance and look for delicate, fine, or intricate accessories that are smaller in scale.Baby whippet puppy is so soft and cuddly

Alternatively, when they’re not running, they’re complete couch potatoes, so look for comfy soft loungewear, or a cashmere sweater when it’s cold (they hate to be cold) to snuggle up in on the couch with a hot cocoa and a great book, or do like my whippets do, snuggle into a bed that has a great view and enjoy spending time there.

Whippets love to snuggle up in bed

Really, a whippet is effortlessly chic in a minimalist way and is the epitome of the quiet luxury trend.


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