Watch What I’m Doing, Not What I’m Saying

As you can see, broadcast channels are a smart way to innovate on providing unique value for your most dedicated audiences.

My New Broadcast Channels

In addition to my existing Instagram channel, Worthwhile Updates, I now have two more broadcast channels for my communities on Facebook and WhatsApp. 

Join the “Meaningful Updates” broadcast channel on Facebook. 

Join the “GaryVee” broadcast channel on WhatsApp. 

Please consider joining these channels for moment-to-moment updates, unique access opportunities to me, virtual and in-person events, free giveaways of fun stuff like VeeFriends Cards and collectibles, and much, much more. These channels will become super important in the coming months.. My team and I are all super hyped to fill these with value for all of you. I’ll be sharing live stream details, bringing on guests and people from my business world, my pop-culture world, sharing messages when I’m in market and traveling to places like Brazil, Turkey, Dubai, Poland… and all sorts of other fun, limited edition opportunities for things going on in the Vayner universe. I’d love to share it all with you. 

Don’t just join.. I want you to also pay attention to how I’m using these channels, because maybe you can take some cues to use for your own entrepreneurial ventures to deepen your own communities. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you in one of my channels soon! 

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