Best Canon cameras: Expert tested and reviewed

The Canon legacy boasts super-high quality lenses, cutting-edge technology, and professional-level specs for both videos and photos. And those premium accolades might not come cheap, but they’re well-worth the investment. Indeed, there’s a reason Canon is found among so many professional photographers’ camera kits.

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Best mirrorless cameras: Top interchangeable lens cameras from Sony, Canon, Panasonic and more

Mirrorless cameras are where it’s at for both photographers and video makers alike, here are our favourites.

But after decades in the industry, the number of different Canon models has grown into the triple digits. As a result, it can be overwhelming to compare all the options and decide on one single model. I’m a professional photographer, and my community consists of other professionals, tech nerds, and filmmakers, too. Take our expert word for it: these picks are the cream of the crop.

Best Canon cameras: Our experts’ favorite models

Canon EOS R6 mark II (20) Prime Day Camera Deals

Canon EOS R6 Mark II

1. Best overall Canon camera

The hybrid flagship that can do it all

$1999 $2499 Save $500

The Canon EOS R6 Mark II is a fresh new face on the full-frame market, bringing all the latest technologies for autofocusing, video, photography, and stabilization.


  • Great value for the price
  • Advanced autofocus with subject tracking
  • 40fps burst shooting rate
  • 4K60p max video resolution
  • Full-frame 24.2MP sensor


  • In-body stabilization may struggle with long focal lengths

We dubbed the Canon EOS R6 Mark II a “jack of all trades” in our hands-on review. This is a true hybrid camera, meaning it excels in both still photography and videography. The photos reach a max resolution of 24.2MP, while the videos top out at 4K at 60fps. And with “machine-learning” autofocus, in-body stabilization, and a mind-blowing 40fps continuous drive, the EOS R6 Mark II checks all the boxes for a professional workhorse.

Canon EOS R6 mark II (2)

Canon EOS R6 Mark II review: Jack of all trades

Canon’s second-gen R6 brings with it some welcome improvements, including improved autofocus, increased resolution and no more recording limits.

For photographers, the sensor-shift stabilization is a boon. With a CIPA rating of eight stops, it expands the possibilities for exposure, since you don’t have to crank up your shutter speed to its limits to get sharp shots. For videographers, the video capabilities are sure to impress. The max video quality is 4K at 60fps, and it combines with Canon’s famous color science to record at up to 340Mbps. That’s a lot of color and light information, so make sure you get a fast SD card.

Yet, for all its strengths, it’s not insanely expensive. Typically, a full-frame camera with specs like these would cost several thousand dollars, but the EOS R6 Mark II has a retail price of $2,500, and you might even catch it on sale. Pair it with a nice Canon RF lens, and you’ll have a professional camera for an amateur price.

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Canon EOS R5

2. Best premium Canon camera

The impeccable performance of professional design

$2999 $3899 Save $900

It might not come cheap, but the EOS R5 is a top choice for professionals, with excellent specs for both photo and video.


  • 45MP photos
  • Cutting-edge autofocus uses AI to track subjects
  • Brilliant in-body stabilization
  • Up to 8K30p 12-bit RAW video


  • Expensive
  • After intensive usage, it can overheat and slow down

Ask any professional what the best SLR Canon camera is, and there’s a good chance they’ll say the EOS R5. And the price reflects its glowing reputation. This premium camera boasts 8K video, 45MP photos, and cutting-edge autofocus. It’s all powered by a lightning-fast Digic X processor, which delivers a continuous drive speed of 20fps.

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Canon EOS R5 review: An absolute powerhouse

Our take on Canon’s full frame mirrorless camera.

Pocket-lint’s Mike Lowe called the EOS R5 the “spiritual successor to the EOS 5D Mark IV,” in his review from 2021. This is an apt description, since the 5D Mark IV remained the videographer’s camera-of-choice for years. Now, with 8K60p video and the latest AI-powered autofocus, the EOS R5 is the new king. There’s a reason I included it in my guide to the best cameras for filmmaking.

But for all its video-centric features, the EOS R5 performs just as well in the still-photography game. That 45MP full-frame sensor is capable of snapping some absolutely gorgeous images, and the in-body stabilization does its job splendidly, with up to eight stops of correction. The result is a photographer’s dream come true – but you’ll have to shell out the big bucks to enjoy it.

Canon EOS R8 (10)-1

Canon EOS R8

3. Best value for the price

With great power comes great value

$1299 $1499 Save $200

For those with tight funds in need of a camera with pro specs and advanced capabilities, the EOS R8 is the perfect pick.


  • Subject detection and tracking autofocus
  • 4K video at 60fps
  • Incredible 40fps continuous drive
  • RF mount compatible with high-end lenses


  • Digital image stabilization instead of IBIS
  • Button layout is wanting
  • Heats up and slows down with a lot of use

The Canon EOS R8 is packed with powerful hardware. And at about $1,000 less than the EOS R6 Mark II, it boasts comparable specs. In fact, it has the same burst-shooting rate (40fps), the same max video resolution (4K60p), and even the same max photo resolution (24.2MP on a full-frame sensor). So what’s the catch?

Canon EOS R8 (1)-1

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