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Fashion trends come and go and there always a plethora of different trends each season.  So what are some of the ones you can expect to see in 2024?  And which should you indulge in and which to avoid?  Well of course that comes down to you, your body, your colouring and of course your personal preferences.  I’ll be giving you some tips on what to expect and whether or not you may want to try them on for size.


Cherry red, light peach, pale butter yellow, pale blue, steel grey, chocolate brown, pistachio green, chrome/silver metallics.


Denim Trends

From straight legs through to wide legs, there are heaps of jeans options available.  The skinny jean (recently worn by fashion model Kate Moss) is supposedly dead, but if Kate Moss is wearing it, it’s likely to keep on keeping on.  Now even though you’ll be seeing a lot of wider leg denims (great for V, A shapes, and X shapes, not so great for H and O shapes) you’ll also see straight leg (my personal favourite for H, O shapes) as well as bootcuts and flares (great for X, A and 8 shapes in particular).  From my perusing of higher-end and mid-range fashion stores, all styles are currently available for sale.  Also look for trouser style denim cuts which can be super flattering.

Denims fabrics are more elevated, less distressing than has been around, and more a darker wash again.2024 pant trends

Other Pants Options

  • Cargo Pants with a loose silhouette (better for V shapes and I shapes) are still in fashion.
  • Wider-leg trousers also abound, be careful with pleat front versions (unless your an I shape or V shape which they really suit), for the rest of the shapes (A, X, 8 and H if you must) go for a flat front for less bulk at the tummy.
  • Puddle pants (where the fabric puddles on the ground) are a trend, but uuuummm, well you’ll be tripping on them, so I think it’s more of a fad than a trend, you’d need to be wearing a tall shoe so you don’t go head over tail.  Best avoided.
  • Tailored Bermuda shorts are back as well, keep the legs slim for the most flattering look.


  • Maxi skirts in denim have been a trend that is a gift that keeps on giving, flattering for H, O, I, V, 8 shapes in a straight style, and A and X in an A-line style, a great alternative to jeans, but slightly more elevated, yet still casual and practical.  Because they don’t have excess fabric they are great even as a petite who can get so easily overwhelmed by too much fabric.
  • Mini-skirts and dresses are back, but worn with nice thick opaque tights.
  • Midi-length pencil skirts – fabulous for H, I, 8 and O shapes who have longer legs, or if you’re prepared to wear heels with them (as midi length is leg shortening).

2024 skirt trends


Top Trends

2024 coat trends

  • Blouses in silk flatter so many figures, as they hide lumps and bumps and give you an elevated look, yet can be worn with jeans or with your dressier bottoms (versatile!).
  • Fair Isle sweaters – great for A shapes and anyone who wants to broaden shoulders as the pattern that runs across the shoulders creates a horizontal line at that point.
  • Tailored, oversized blazers, this trend keeps on going, best worn with a straight cut or bootcut (rather than wide-leg) jean or trouser.
  • 80s jackets with sharp shoulders and shoulder pads as well as tailored jackets in tweed (think Chanel style tweed) which work really well with your wide leg trousers and jeans.
  • Polo tops – a preppy vibe worn with a more feminine flouncy skirt.

Coats and Jackets

  • Trenches (they never go out of style)
  • Scarf-coats
  • Teddy jackets
  • Shearling-lined coats (add bulk but oh so warm)
    2024 coat trends
  • Full-length leather coats
  • Full-length denim coats
  • Elevated Denim jackets
  • Barn jackets (not my favourite trend, rather shapeless with big pockets between waist and hips, best left to I shapes and V shapes)
  • Double-breasted blazer styles – remember that these need to be worn shut and add extra bulk to your frame, so this may not be the best trend for you.


Footwear Trends

  • 2024 footwear trends - shoes and bootsBallet flats (find the most comfortable pair, not all of them lack support)
  • Mary Jane flats.
  • Netted and mesh flats (I think these will be a short-lived fad, so don’t invest heavily in them).
  • Leather loafers
  • Slingbacks
  • Kitten heels
  • Cowboy inspired boots
  • Birkenstocks 
  • Tall riding boots
  • Structured rather than slouchy boots.
  • Moto boots with silver hardware.

Jewellery Trends

Back to statement jewellery (after a few years of fine jewellery).

Handbags – from large to small size shoulder bags are the upcoming trend.


The details you choose are all about your personality and preferences.

2024 trend details

  • Fringing, you’ll find it on coats, dresses, skirts, jackets
  • Semi-sheer – you’ll find this in business blouses (make sure you wear a cami underneath), and with fabrics such as lace.
  • Frills and flounces – another trend you’ll see on dresses skirts, with possible tiers of ruffles in fabrics like lace.
  • Metallics are big – from sequins to metallic leather, just remember that high shine draws attention and can make an area appear larger.
  • Crotchet and open weaves.


Wear What You Love

As you can see there are always heaps of trends, some that you may want to partake in, others that will never be you and you can happily leave in the store.  Some you can have fun with for a short time and others that will last for many years.

To me, making sustainable style choices is always on trend, and your choices will be more sustainable when you know what suits you, when you’ve got your personalised style guidelines sorted, when you understand what is you and what is not so you never get overwhelmed in store and end up buying another thing that hangs unworn in your wardrobe.

If you want to make the most sustainable style choices, I’d love to invite you to join my 7 Steps to Style program.  When you join you’ll learn all about what suits you physically as well as your personality, how to figure out what you need in your wardrobe as well as what fits with your values.  There’s so much great stuff in there that you wish you’d known before and you won’t regret discovering.  

2024 fashion trends: what to wear and what to avoid based on your body shape


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