7 Best Conditioners for Men with Dry Hair: Thrive in 2024

A lot of guys’ hair is just naturally dry, no matter how often they wash it or what shampoo they use. Some people just don’t retain a lot of moisture in their scalp, and there’s not much you can do about that. At least, that’s what I would say if it weren’t for the best conditioners for men with dry hair.

Nobody likes having their hair feel frizzy and rough to the touch, but with a bit of help from a good conditioner, anyone can give their mane that much-needed hydration and have it looking clean and healthy. Some of this stuff smells real good, too, which is always a plus!

Every year, more and more conditioners come out that help guys deal with the issue of dry hair. We’ve compiled the very best for you today, and chances are your dream product is somewhere on this list.

Keep reading for the best conditioners for men with dry hair to use right now.

Key Takeaways

For this list, I went over countless product listings and customer reviews (not to mention my own cosmetics case), and I managed to narrow it down to 7. Huron Men’s Conditioner has to be the top pick of the best conditioners for men with dry hair. You get a lot of cream for a super-fair price, and it does it all – from argan oil smoothing to eliminating frizz. Now and then, you can even find a two-for-one package deal for double the effect.

On the cheaper side of things, Neutrogena Soothe and Calm Conditioner is a great budget pick for elderly men or guys who prefer mintier smells. There’s also the chemical-free formula, making it one of the safest choices out there among the best conditioners for men with dry hair.

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Top of the list of the best conditioners for men with dry hair: Huron Men’s Conditioner

Why it’s great: What makes Huron the best conditioner for dry hair men? Well, for starters, the citrus and juniper smell is just divine, and the hydrating effect on your hair is second to none. It’s also great for nourishing your cuticles to counteract any unwanted frizz. Then there’s the argan oil for added smoothness – there’s really nothing this stuff can’t do.

Who is this for: This conditioner can work on all hair types and hairstyles, but it’s especially effective if your hair starts to feel like straw a couple of days after washing. On top of that, it’s entirely vegan, so it makes for an ethical cleansing of the scalp!

Flaws but not deal-breakers: If your hair is a bit longer, you need to apply a fair bit to get the desired effect. Lucky for you, there are two-for-one deals available, not to mention a 32-ounce option.

Scent: Citrus, juniper, aromatic greens | Item Form: Cream | Size: 11.8 oz, 32 oz | Free From: Sulfate | Hair Type: All | Benefits: Moisturizing, restoring shine, smoothening

Neutrogena Soothe and Calm Conditioner

Why it’s great: This is more than just a cheap alternative to fancier options – it’s genuinely one of the best conditioners for men with dry hair that I’ve come across. Rich in tea tree oil, Neutrogena’s Soothe and Calm Conditioner soothes your scalp like few other products can.

Who is this for: Besides the obvious dry hair benefits, this stuff works wonders for older gentlemen, too. It’s hard to get your hair to feel the way it did in the prime of youth, but Neutrogena can get you pretty darn close. It also has one of the cleanest formulas out there, so it’s a great way to avoid allergic reactions.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I’m personally a fan of peppermint, although some guys find it a bit overpowering. I can see where they’re coming from some of the time, but I find that Neutrogena’s scent is subtler than most.

Scent: Peppermint, eucalyptus, vanilla | Item Form: Cream | Size: 12 oz | Free From: parabens, phthalates, sulfated surfactants, SLS and SLES | Hair Type: Dry, aging | Benefits: Hydrating


Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Conditioner

Why it’s great: “Don’t despair” is right! Sure, it’s a little steep, but it works like a dream. Thanks to the almond oil and algae minerals, your hair will become more flexible and softer than linen in no time. All this while still somehow being cruelty-free! This one is a very worthy inclusion in my list of the best conditioners for men with dry hair.

Who is this for: If you have a problem with breakage, Briogeo can help reduce the issue with only two washes. Broadly speaking, you can expect results with any type of damaged hair, including excessive dye damage.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The pump isn’t the most responsive one in the world, so it can be a bit hard to squeeze it out. It’s smooth sailing once you do, though, so don’t let that stop you.

Scent: Algae extract, rosehip oil | Item Form: Liquid | Size: 16 oz, 33.8 oz | Free From: Sulfates, silicone, parabens, phthalate, DEA, dye | Hair Type: Dry, damaged, colored, straight | Benefits: Strengthening, breakage control

Pure Nature Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

Why it’s great: If you know anything about Moroccan argan oil, you know you’re in for a good product with this one. Few things can make your hair shinier than argan oil, and then there’s the incredible moisturizing benefits. Made of nothing but hair extracts, it’s one of the most universally safe conditioners out there and so deserving to be in the discussion of the best conditioners for men with dry hair.

Who is this for: People of all hair types can get a lot out of this stuff, but it works best on dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. The scent is pleasant and unassuming too, so it’s a great supplement to your other hair products.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The pump is pretty flimsy, so you may end up breaking it or getting it stuck if you press on it a little too hard. Still, you can always just remove it and pour a little into your hand.

Scent: Moroccan argan oil | Item Form: Cream | Size: 16.9 oz | Free From: Sulfates, parabens | Hair Type: Dry, damaged | Benefits: Hydrating, moisturizing, softening, shining

Viking Revolution Men’s Hair Conditioner

Why it’s great: Viking Revolution is a personal favorite of mine, and they’re also behind some of the best conditioners for men with dry hair. The mix of jojoba and olive oil is very potent for hydration, and it leaves your hair feeling fresher and smoother than most shampoos.

Who is this for: If you want to look more like a Viking but your hair is thinning, this aptly named conditioner has your back. Within a few weeks of using it, you’ll notice you’re losing a lot less hair than usual, and that’s a promise. It’s also color-safe, so dye away if that’s your thing.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Again, the scent of peppermint isn’t for everybody, and I can respect that. The Viking Revolution makes it work, though, and I stand by that.

Scent: Eucalyptus, peppermint oil | Item Form: Liquid | Size: 17 oz | Free From: Parabens | Hair Type: All | Benefits: Softening, hydration

Dove Ultra Care Conditioner

Why it’s great: Does it get any better than a four-pack of one of the greatest cosmetics brands of all time? Dove Ultra Care Conditioner comes in a huge bottle, and the list of benefits is endless. From combatting breakage to getting rid of pesky knots, this stuff is the penicillin of dry hair care.

Who is this for: This one sports a PETA seal of approval, so you can feel like you’re part of the solution when you use Dove. It’s a fantastic pick if your hair is sensitive to chemicals – nothing like Bio-Restore complex to keep your scalp fresh and healthy.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This conditioner used to have a different scent and formula, and some people aren’t big on the changes. It’s essentially a different product from what people remember from years back; but if you ask me, it’s still one of the best conditioners for men with dry hair.

Scent: Daily Moisture | Item Form: Cream | Size: 31 oz | Free From: Mineral oil, sulfates, aluminum, parabens, formaldehyde | Hair Type: Dry | Benefits: Detangling, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-breakage

CRVFT Daily Leave In Conditioner

Why it’s great: Leave-in conditioners are a great antidote to dry hair, and CRAFT is behind one of the finest. This stuff brings the frizz factor down to zero in a matter of weeks, faster than almost anything else on the market. Also, its smoothening formula is free of sulfates and other undesirables, so it’s a great, safe way to give your hair a bit of extra sheen.

Who is this for: From dry to damaged, all the riskier hair types can benefit from this CRVFT wonder product. Since it’s a leave-in conditioner, it’s also a great substitute for hair gel or hair wax in a pinch.

All of that makes this simply one of the best conditioners for men with dry hair.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Three ounces of conditioner really isn’t a lot, so don’t expect this to last you a long time. Think of it as more of a medicinal product than a cosmetic and see if there’s improvement after a single bottle.

Scent: Argan oil | Item Form: Gel | Size: 3 oz | Free From: Sulfates | Hair Type: Dry, damaged, frizzy | Benefits: Hydrating, moisturizing, replenishing, shine, smoothening, soothing

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Buying Considerations for the Best Conditioners for Men with Dry Hair


Even if you’re using the best conditioners for men with dry hair, it won’t do you much good if the packaging is too small. A lot of the good stuff comes in bottles of 12 ounces or above. You’ll want to get at least three to six months of use per bottle, assuming you use conditioner two to three times a week.


The best conditioners for men with dry hair can cover a range of smells, from fruity and tropical to woody and masculine. Still, keep in mind that conditioner is a hair treatment product first and an aromatizer second. If an unscented conditioner takes care of your dry hair problem, you can rely on your other hair products to keep you smelling good.


If your hair is dry, chances are your scalp is sensitive to a lot of different things. Just like with natural shampoos, it’s nice if you can get a conditioner that’s sulfate- and paraben-free to avoid irritation.

How I Choose

The world of conditioners is full of big claims and promises, like that they promote hair growth or instantly shine up your hair. Unfortunately, a lot of these claims are pure fiction to help someone make a quick buck. As for me, I chose products from reputable brands with a proven track record of success, and I found the 7 best conditioners for men with dry hair that hit every sweet spot.

Company reputation: Even if you don’t know much about hair cosmetics, chances are you’ve heard about a lot of these companies before. These companies have gone above and beyond with all their products to provide the best experience, and their best conditioners for men with dry hair are no exception.

Customer reviews: The customer is always right, so if a product has too many negative reviews, it’s an automatic no from me.

Price: When I do these lists, I try to include products that fit everybody’s budget. At the same time, I make sure that the benefits the products offer make sense for the price.

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Final Verdict 

And that’s that for the best conditioners for men with dry hair. Overall, the best pick would have to be Huron Men’s Conditioner. It’s the perfect antidote to dried-out hair cuticles, and it takes care of frizzy hair in very little time.


    • Yes, men with dry hair should absolutely use conditioners. Shampoo might be great for getting gunk out of your hair, but it can also induce breakage or even rob your hair of essential oils. That’s just about the last thing you want if your hair is dry!

      • Under most circumstances, you can definitely fix men’s dry hair. Once or twice a week, it may be wise for dry hair men to shower without shampoo and lather their hair with conditioner afterward (leave-in conditioners work especially well).

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