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Your body has a weird way of reminding you of your “age.” For me, that reminder came in the form of jetlag. There was a time when my jet lag would be gone in a day when I would fly back from Delhi, but this time it has taken three days to bounce back and adjust to California time. No harm was done, given that it’s a very long weekend.

The upside of the jetlag has been that I have had a chance to reacquaint myself with the Vision Pro. No, I didn’t take it to go, since I didn’t want to risk the review unit from Apple. Quite a few early adopters are returning their Vision Pros for a myriad of reasons, though not as many as we might like to think.

Some who are returning are complaining about it not being good enough to work, or Vision Pro being less than what they had expected. Some, like a friend of mine, have had legitimate problems with lenses or have experienced physical challenges due to size and fit. 

I am fortunate enough that I don’t have any challenges with the lenses. I have experienced some glare inside the Vision Pro, but a little adjusting of the headset gets rid of it. Vision Pro comes with two straps — the Solo Knit Band and the Dual Loop Band. The Knit Band looks cool, but the Dual Loop Band (affectionately renamed the Nerd Band) fits much better. 

When traveling, I have to admit, I missed the Vision Pro sorely. I desperately wanted to watch some movies (and other videos) while I was traveling. However, the trip also made me realize that Apple’s Travel Case, nice as it might be, is too big and it won’t make much sense for those on the go. 

Apple Travel Case presumes you will have a duffle bag or something large enough for you to pack the case. One needs something sleeker that easily fits in your backpack. The ones that are available so far are not that great either. Waterfield Designs’ Shield Case is half the size but it is just not classy enough to find room in my bag. A few new ones are on the horizon, but I wonder if they are any better than the Quest cases that are being sold on Amazon.

For the past few days (and nights), I have been thoroughly enjoying the best media device on the planet to do what it is meant for — watch videos. I have been watching the latest edition of The Grand Tour on the iPad version of Amazon’s Prime Video app. What a glorious experience to enjoy the show in near-cinema size while lying in bed, propped up by a couple of pillows. I saw some television series on BritBox (via its iPad app). There are quite a few new movies in the Apple TV store as well to enjoy on the Vision Pro. I am also using the device with the AirPods Pro so I can enjoy the spatial sound. 

But mostly, I watched the third test match between India and England on the Willow’s (iPad) app. Let’s be clear about one thing — Willow is a dogshit of an app (and service). Despite claiming HD stream, it is none of that. The buffering, incessant (and pointless remnant ads) Willow redefines what it means to be user-hostile. And despite that, I watched the game — in full-screen glory. The only time I took off the Vision Pro — was when I needed to drink water! It is virtually impossible to drink anything with this thing strapped to your face unless you are using a “straw.” Barring that, one nit (so far), Vision Pro is already my favorite way to consume videos and do casual reading. I am not much of a gamer, but I am going to give it a go just to experience the games. Any recommendations? 

What about photos? What about apps for work? I have not had any time or desire to dig deeper into work “apps” but that is what’s next over the next few days. Stay tuned, now that the “jetlag” is gone. Thanks to the reunion with the Vision Pro! 

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