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New York, when it comes to street style, is one of the stylish cities on earth. People in the city have mastered personal style and they put it on no matter their age. One of my favorite past times is sitting at a cafe in Soho and people watching. It’s the best way to absorb and immerse yourself in New York City street style. Unfortunately when it comes to Fashion Month, the month when major cities such as New York, London, Paris and Milan have their fashion weeks, New York is no longer the big fish. Milan and Paris are where most fashion houses show or go to show their collections. New York is a beloved city by people around the world, but it’s lost a bit of it’s foothold on being the pulse of fashion worldwide. I still love New York Fashion Week though and I feel very re-inspired with my wardrobe after every season. I’ve already gone through my closet and done an update, remixing pieces and creating tons of Winter and Spring looks that I can’t wait to wear and shoot! When attending New York Fashion Week, I was able to take cues from the fashion shows and from the attendees, to gauge what will be trending for 2024 and these are my Top 7 trend takeaways.


Many shows such as Retrofete and Lapointe featured tiny shorts in multiple looks of their Fall/Winter runway shows. Short shorts have been in for awhile but in 2023 we saw the rise of micro shorts or the no pants trend. In 2024 we are going to see the same thing but a lot more elevated and thank goodness the shorts have at least 3 inches of fabric! I tried this trend myself with a pair of cool faux leather shorts from Walmart and I love them with an oversized sweater and a knee high boot. They will be great for spring as as well. Shorts also look great in Winter and Fall with a pair of opaque tights and boots!


Diotima ruled New York Fashion Week with it’s cool girl crochet knits that work for every season. I love a good crochet knit and mostly associated the trend with Summer but there were thicker knit dresses and skirts that will work perfectly for Fall and Winter as well with the right footwear and outerwear. Nia Thomas also presented her collection at the Black in Fashion Council Showroom and I was blown away by the intricate knit pieces perfect for a warm weather summer vacation. 


Michael Kors, Retrofete and Laquan Smith all tapped into suits with a twist during New York Fashion Week. From polished skirt suits to Bermuda short suits and mini skirt suit sets, there will be something for everyone in 2024 when it comes to suits. I personally loved Michael Kors take on suits with with shorts tailored to perfection. The brand Maniere De Noir does quality suit inspired dresses for an excellent price if you want to try the trend.


Whether you are a fan of fur or not it was featured in just about every runway show during New York Fashion Week. Lapointe had incredible furs to match their monochrome look aesthetic. Michael Kors had fur coats and so did Khaite that did an incredible floor length fur coat in various colors. Laquan Smith even had a gorgeous super large fur clutch that was stunning. Fur was everywhere and it will definitely be a huge trend of 2024. If you’re not big on wearing fur or faux fur, you can always indulge in the trend with accessories like bags (I have a stunning vintage Dior Pony Hair Saddle Bag), hats, and even shoes!


Burgundy has to be the hottest color of the 2024. It’s rich and deep and Khaite presented quite a few pieces during their runway show that were burgundy from silk skirts, to fur coats. This will definitely be the color of the year and not just in Fall & Winter but for Summer as well. Burgundy is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe with accessories and YSL currently has some incredible burgundy pieces from shoes to handbags. 


Finally we have Giant Bags. I’m happy big bags are back because I like to travel extensively and big bags make life easier when you have to carry the world with you. Retrofete, Khaite, Michael Kors, Laquan Smith and Brandon Maxwell all had giant bags as accessories in their collections. So expect bags to get bigger in 2024. I have a huge bag from MCMWorldwide and I LOVE it! By the way you can use my code: MCMMONROESS24 for 10% off of anything at until the end of the month. So if you have a bag you’ve been eyeing and want a couple hundred dollars off, use my code!

Which of these trends will you be indulging in this year? Again most of these things you probably already have in your closet so you can always shop your closet! But in case you want to try a few new pieces, I’ve linked quite a few for each trend at all price points for you all. Don’t worry, a Top 7 Trends of 2024 based on Paris Fashion Week is coming soon as I’m headed to Paris for Paris Fashion Week!






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