Apple’s refreshed iPad Air and OLED iPad Pro models could borrow a camera design change from its entry-level tablet

The rumors have heavily suggested that Apple is getting ready to launch a new round of iPads within the next few weeks and it’s the very top end of the lineup that’s expected to receive the attention. Updates to its best iPad lineups are long overdue, and we’ve been told to expect some new iPad Air tablets to go with brand-new OLED iPad Pros. There’s a lot to be excited about across both of those lineups, but a new report has added an interesting new twist, and it’s one that you might not have expected.

The twist relates to the placement of the FaceTime camera that will adorn the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models with the suggestion being that Apple will take some design inspiration from the opposite end of the iPad lineup. If correct, Apple will use the 10th-gen iPad’s FaceTime camera placement as a jumping-off point for the upcoming iPad Air and iPad Pro products.

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