My Current Beauty Lineup – All On Sale

I feel like my beauty routine has evolved over the years – I used to love having tons of palettes and lip colors to choose from, playing with different beauty looks every day, going all out when I had a MUA doing my looks. But now I find myself a lot more simplied in my routine and reaching for the same products over and over.

Since all of my products are on sale at Sephora right now, I wanted to share my current beauty lineup and makeup faves:

  1. Moisturizer: When I’m wearing makeup this is my go to. What’s really unique about this one compared to my other favorite moisturizers is that it smooths and almost doubles as a primer. It’s super hydrating and smooth as butter. Feels so good on your skin! Great price point too, especially compared to some of the really high-end moisturizers I love – this one is under $100
  2. Highlighter: This one gives the prettiest dewy finish! I dab a tiny bit on my fingers and then tap onto my cheekbones lightly to apply or you can put one pump in with your foundation – A little bit goes a long way. I use star glow shade.
  3. Foundation:  last winter I tried this foundation for the first time and it instantly won me over. It melts into your skin perfectly, blends amazing, and you only need a single pump for your whole face – maybe less. It’s good coverage but doesn’t go on thick. Honestly I think it’s the holy grail of foundation. I wear shade 11N in the winter and just bought my summer shade – 120.
  4. Blush: I’ve been using this blush and it’s worth all they hype. I wear shade “Joy” and “Happy”. They blend so well and are the prettiest shades for that youthful, feminine glow Also love this blush wand.I have also doubled and used for lipstick too 😉
  5. Foundation Brush: This is the best brush! I picked this up when I got the corresponding foundation. It has one end for building and the other for blending so you have great control when applying.
  6. Bronzer: Another new product that I was instantly converted to. Love how natural this bronzer goes on!
  7. Dior Palette: Palettes are so iffy for me – I feel like I’ll be obsessed with one for a few months and then move on to the new hot palette, so on and so on. But I’ve had been using this one for years and it’s still my go-to. Prettiest colors and blends so well.
  8. Finishing Powder: This powder is everrrrything! A holy grail product for me. It blurs all your pores, smooths out any blemishes, and just makes your skin flawless – just like it’s name says. I wear shade 1.
  9. Mascara: This mascara goes on so smooth and doesn’t transfer which is the biggest thing for me, especially as we head into spring/summer. Love the wand to help keep lashes separate while it lifts and lengthens.
  10. Dior Lip Oil: Love this gloss – comes in multiple shades and it has a moisturizing finish. Feels super luxe and lasts for hours.


Rare Beauty Blush & Blush Wand

Foundation Brush


Dior Palette

Finishing Powder

Nude Lip Gloss


Also linking some more of my beauty lineup faves below – all on sale through the 24th! Shades will sell out quick so don’t wait until the last minute to take advantage of the sale. 🙂

XX, Christine

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