My most used apps have “AI” inside – On my Om

At present, these are my most used web/desktop/mobile apps.

  • Readwise: Save, read, comment, remark, and share. I couldn’t ask more for this Pocket and Instapaper replacement. 
  • Lex.Page: is my new Google Docs.* 
  • MacWhisper: I use this to capture all the audio on my conference calls. It transcribes and creates notes for future reference. 
  • Sudowrite: Shhh, this is my creative co-pilot. **
  • Descript: I am working on doing podcasts. This is a good way to get a better handle on the audio, and hopefully get good at this whole “podcast” malarky. 
  • Poe: My AI playground. Really, just a place where I go to do work, but mostly to waste my time with various AI bots. 
  • Feedbin: Not just my RSS reader, but also a place for me to aggregate my newsletters.
  • Arc Internet: The best browser on the market right now. Fast, clever, and none of the Chrome-crud. 
  • Photoshop: Firefly and other AI tools have turned this into a must-use app for me as a photographer. 
  • MacGPT: OpenAI, except on my desktop. 

Honorable Mentions:  Topaz Labs AI & Google Labs’ (AI Search.)

Legacy Apps & Services that I still use a lot: Apple Mail, Apple Music (Classical), Plex, VLC, Twitter, Safari, and Apple Notes. Frankly, they all need some AI-Botox ASAP!

Quick Thoughts: Apart from #7, all of them have “AI.” Except #10, all of them have a workflow built around “AI.” The same goes for Topaz & Google Labs (AI Search.) Google Labs’ experiments with search are much better than Perplexity, which I am told is raising even more money at extremely high valuations. 

The point is that we all like to talk about AI, but ultimately it is all about what AI can do for me. It is about the “workflows” and how they make me productive, efficient, and faster. They are not about replacing me and my skills, but instead, they are augmenting my capabilities. As I have said before, AI means “augmented intelligence.”

What else should I try? Do you have any suggestions? 

Disclosures: * Lex is funded by True Ventures, where I am “partner emeritus.” ** Sudowrite is run by two close friends. I have an indirect investment in the startup.

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