NewJeans’ Hanni Crowned UGG’s Global Ambassador for 2024

NewJeans' Hanni Crowned UGG's Global Ambassador for 2024

In a significant partnership, UGG has named NewJeans member Hanni as
their global ambassador for the year 2024, marking a fresh direction for the
brand with a vibrant campaign. This collaboration introduces UGG’s latest
collection, featuring summer essentials such as the GoldenGlow and Stratus
Sandals, as well as the Venture Daze Clog and Slide. The campaign reimagines
everyday routines into a series of unique and adventurous experiences, all
styled and embarked upon by Hanni.

Hanni shared her excitement about the collaboration, reflecting on her
personal connection to UGG from her younger years. “UGG is a brand that I have
grown up with and holds a special place in my memories. Becoming their Global
Ambassador is a dream come true. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and can’t wait
to express my love for UGG with everyone,” Hanni expressed.

UGG’s enthusiasm for their new ambassador matches Hanni’s. Anne Spangenberg,
UGG’s president, voiced her pleasure in welcoming Hanni to the UGG family.
“Hanni embodies the style and authenticity UGG stands for, making her the
perfect representative for our brand. Her ability to connect with fans and
inspire individuality aligns with UGG’s core values,” Spangenberg stated.

This partnership signals UGG’s commitment to embracing diverse styles and
personalities, with Hanni at the forefront of this exciting new chapter. Fans
of both NewJeans and UGG can look forward to an innovative blend of fashion
and personal expression in this latest collaboration.

Australia-born Hanni stars in the UGG spring-summer 2024 campaign

Ugg Tapes NewJeans' Hanni as Global Ambassador

NewJeans' Hanni Is UGG's Newest Global Ambassador

NewJeans' Hanni Is UGG's Newest Global Ambassador

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