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With the recent spate of red carpets including the Oscars (and after-party), you may have seen a lot of formal frocks abounding. Which, if you’re like me, are not something I need in my wardrobe as I just don’t have a red-carpet lifestyle.  But what the red carpet frocks can tell you about is some of the overall fashion trends you’ll be seeing, as most red carpet dresses are from the most recent collections and so are new new new in terms of the designer’s current fashion vision.

So let’s look at what was on these red carpets and see if we can figure out some of the upcoming trends that will filter down into everyday ready-to-wear that you may don on a daily basis.

2024 Fashion Trends from the Red Carpet


This is one of the big standouts, from liquid satin metallics and sequins to the return of Glosmesh in traditional metallic colours (silver, gold, bronze) to coloured metallics (pink of course) by America Ferrera





So how do you wear this in your everyday life?

Metallic garments or shoes are appearing in stores near you and you can easily dress this look down with some denim for your everyday at home on the regular beige carpet life!

Structural Design Elements

There were many different sorts of sculptural and structural elements in the red carpet frocks this  year, from the gravity defying dresses that the shoulders hovered above the wearer’s shoulders to many a ruffle that was so large and bold it created a structural design element.

One of my favourite entries for structure is this green “There be dragons” as I call it gown by Louis Vuitton worn by Cynthia Erivo

Another sculptural ruffle was seen on Emma Stone

Eva Longoria was one of the stars to have a strong sculptural aspect to the shoulders of her dress.

And I love this combo of cool red and hot pink with the structural sleeve on Melissa McCarthy, there were softer structural elements as well as the more sculptural ones.


From a structural shoulder or sleeve to decorative structural details, whether it’s more solid or softer, there are plenty of garments with some structural elements to enjoy this season.


There were plenty of see-through looks at the after-party, but my favourite was this divine grecian inspired dress worn by Hailee Steinfeld


And here Jennifer Lawrence sports a few trends all in one – sheer plus 3d and a little structure as well as an Edwardian vibe.



You don’t have to go fully sheer (like many red carpet looks) but a soft chiffon blouse or a layered sheer garment over an opaque slip or cami can bring this soft trend into your outfit.


3D Elements

3D flowers 
How gorgeous is this sheer (tick) 3d floral (tick), and sculptural (tick) outfit worn by Florence Pugh


Mermaid scales worn by Anya Taylor Joy (by Dior)

Feather and Fraggle as won by Da’Vine Joy Randolph

Have fun with 3D elements in your outfits, from lace to sculptural elements that add dimension and interest.

Large Scale Jewellery

Recent times has seen much more small and delicate jewellery, so as a lover of the big and bold statement jewellery, I enjoyed seeing these big pieces adorn the stars.
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How You Can Spot Fashion Trends from Red Carpet Frocks


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