Kolide – Six Colors

My thanks to Kolide for sponsoring Six Colors this week.

None of us are as good at clocking deepfakes as we think we are. Even your mom, or your boss, or anyone in your IT department might not be able to tell the difference. We all think we’re clever enough to spot a fake, but in real life, people only catch voice clones about 50% of the time.

That makes us all extremely vulnerable to attacks. They might be seeking an immediate payout or working a more sophisticated social engineering attack. A friend of a friend was almost convinced her son had been arrested and was in jail before they realized that it didn’t add up.

But the good news is that we can be trained to look past our vulnerabilities and recognize a suspicious phone call, even if the voice sounds just like someone we trust. Kolide has a blog post all about it. It’s a frank and thorough exploration of what we should be worried about when it comes to audio deepfakes.

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