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Do you ever feel limited by your age or height when it comes to fashion? Age and height are just numbers, not fashion sentences. While the fashion industry might skew towards the younger and taller demographic, there’s no rule stating that age dictates your style choices. So, let’s banish the notion that you’re confined to “old lady stores” and explore the wide world of fashion together.  If you ever worry about being “mutton dressed as lamb” then it’s not going to happen.  In fact, from my 20 years experience, if you ever have this thought you’re more likely to dress in a more frumpy way for fear of dressing too young.

Today we are diving into a question that many of us face: how to shop for style when you’re older and not very tall. Let’s unravel this fashion puzzle together and discover the key to unlocking your signature style.

Tip #1 – Understanding Your Style Foundations – It all starts with understanding what suits you.

At the heart of cultivating a signature style lies understanding what works best for you.  Just as a home (or any building) needs strong foundations, so does your style. Your foundations come from your own set of style guidelines around:

Begin by identifying your colour palette, as colours can enhance your natural features and evoke your personality. Additionally, recognizing your body shape and proportions empowers you to choose clothes that accentuate your figure. By understanding these fundamental aspects, you lay the foundation for building a wardrobe that reflects your true essence.

Tip #2 Overcoming Style Challenges – Petite? Embrace it, don’t fight it

Being petite shouldn’t be seen as a hindrance, but rather as a unique characteristic to embrace. Instead of struggling with oversized trends, opt for fitted silhouettes that complement your stature. Explore petite ranges (you will often find that department stores have a much wider petite range online than they do in brick and-mortar stores) and be open to alterations—customizing your garments ensures a perfect fit tailored to your proportions. Whether it’s hem adjustments or sleeve shortenings, customizing your garments ensures a polished and sophisticated look. Invest in a reliable tailor who can tailor each piece to perfection, accentuating your unique style and personality. Remember, embracing your petite frame is key to unlocking your fashion potential. For more tips and tricks on alterations and tailoring, check out Your Guide to Tailoring and Alterations

Tip #3 Crafting Your Style Recipe – Style is personal

Style is an expression of your individuality and personality. Beyond colours and shapes, it’s about conveying who you are through your clothing choices, showing your personality – who you are and how you want to express the inner you on the outside, it’s your style DNA.

What I’ve discovered over the years of being an image consultant, the better we can pin down your personal style, the better buying choices we can make and so you’ll love your wardrobe a whole lot more because the clothes really reflect who you are on the inside – the authentic you.

Your Style Recipe includes the ingredients that go into making up your unique style. In my opinion, it’s one of the most useful tools anyone can have when developing their style. Take the time to define your style recipe, identifying elements that resonate with you and those you prefer to avoid. By curating a wardrobe that aligns with your tastes and preferences, you create a seamless reflection of your authentic self.

find your style - you're not too old to wear jeans or sneakers if that's part of your personal style

You’re not too old to wear jeans or sneakers if that feels like you

Tip #4 Armed with Knowledge: A style education is the ultimate fashion weapon

Style education is the key to unlocking your sense of style. It’s not something you typically learned in school, but it’s a skill that can be acquired because it’s a science, not just an art (and you don’t have to be born with it!). Style education teaches you the principles and guidelines to create a style that resonates with who you are.  Explore resources like my Evolve Your Style program and my 7 Steps to Style program, designed to provide invaluable guidance tailored to your personal style journey. Delve into the secrets of colour coordination, fabric choices, and outfit harmonization, empowering yourself to shop with confidence and clarity.

Tip #5 Crafting Your Shopping Strategy –  Purposeful planning is key

I treat my own shopping trips as exploratory missions. Finding out what is currently in fashion, the colours, and styles, what I do and don’t like. Trying on for the sake of seeing how something will work on my body. Discovering more about me. I see shopping as research. I don’t take clothes that don’t fit or don’t suit my body as a personal affront, or that there is something wrong with me (remember, it’s the clothes, not your body). And I know that the majority of the stuff in stores is not for me, my measurements weren’t taken, before the garment was made.

So before embarking on a shopping expedition, define your style goals with clarity and intention. Whether you’re seeking versatile workwear essentials or weekend wanderlust attire, a clear vision guides your shopping journey. Venture into the digital realm of fashion exploration, exploring petite-friendly ranges and gaining insights from fashion bloggers. Identify stores and brands that cater to your style and height preferences, empowering yourself to make informed choices. Leverage reputable online retailers that align with your style aesthetic. Utilize search filters and curated collections to streamline your search for the perfect pieces. Additionally, uncover hidden gems within specialty boutiques, from sustainable fashion sanctuaries to vintage treasure troves. These havens offer a curated selection of unique finds that speak to your soul, adding depth and personality to your wardrobe.

In the realm of fashion, age and height should never serve as constraints but rather as opportunities for exploration and self-expression. By understanding our unique style foundations and crafting our personalized style recipe, we pave the way for a wardrobe that truly reflects who we are. So let’s banish limitations and embrace the boundless possibilities of fashion, for age and height are merely numbers.

Get your essential style education in my 7 Steps to Style program and stop wondering and wishing and hoping and praying that the next garment will be the magic one that fixes all your wardrobe woes, instead become empowered so that you can shop with knowledge and wisdom and make the best choices for you.

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