My New Book: Get Better at Anything (Special Offer for Preorders)

My new book, Get Better at Anything: 12 Maxims for Mastery, is now available for preorder.

This book means a lot to me. It’s easily the longest and hardest I’ve ever worked on any project in my life. From start to finish, the project took over four years, involving hundreds of books, several hundred scientific papers and countless conversations with leading experts to assemble.

The book digs deep into the fascinating science of learning. I cover the fundamental principles researchers have uncovered that explain how learning works, condensed into twelve memorable maxims you can use to guide your own efforts at improvement. 

Along the way, I tackle some fascinating case studies, such as:

  • Why did it take two decades before Tetris players began to master the game?
  • Why professional poker players make better predictions than psychiatrists.
  • What was the secret to the artistic training of master painters during the Renaissance?
  • How do jazz musicians learn to improvise?
  • A mathematical problem that took three centuries to solve, and the psychological theory that explains its resolution.
  • What the London Blitz teach us about the neuroscience of anxiety.

If you read my previous book, Ultralearning, Get Better at Anything is the perfect sequel. I’ll dive deeper into many of the important issues raised by the first book, while bringing up new stories, science and practical advice.

Even if you haven’t read Ultralearning, you can start reading Get Better at Anything without any prior preparation. I wrote it so that the person who may only read one book in their life on this topic would leave with a comprehensive and useful picture of the science of learning.

Why You Should Preorder Get Better at Anything. (Don’t Wait Until It’s Released.)

I’m proud of this book, and I want it to do well. Unfortunately, authors face somewhat perverse incentives when marketing a book like this one.

While we’d all like a book to stand and fall only on its merits, that isn’t really how publishing works. The vast majority of published books are invisible. Even large bookstores stock only a tiny fraction of what is published annually.

Instead, the books that gain an initial burst of readers are much more likely to get media attention, be stocked in bookstores and be recommended on platforms like Amazon or Audible. Fail to reach a critical threshold of attention, and even great books languish in obscurity.

Preorders, in this system, are very important. They signal to bookstores that the book should be stocked, they tell Amazon to use it for recommendations, and are a major factor in determining whether a book winds up on bestseller lists.

If you’ve been enjoying my writing, and were thinking about reading my next book, I have a small request: preorder the book instead of waiting until it comes out.

My Giveaway for Readers that Preorder (Get $400+ of My Stuff for Free)

To sweeten the deal, I want to make a special offer to anyone who preorders the book.

If you preorder the book in any version (hardcover, Kindle, audio, etc.) and send in your receipt, I’ll give you:

  1. My full course, Make it Happen! (normally sold for $297). This six-week course covers the psychology of motivation, goal-setting and behavior change—the perfect resource for making the goals you have happen in your life.
  2. All four of my previous, self-published ebooks (normally sold for $114). This includes:
    1. Learn More, Study Less. My first book on learning. Has sold over 500,000 copies, worldwide.
    2. The Little Book of Productivity. Ninety-nine ideas to make you more productive and less stressed at work.
    3. Think Outside the Cubicle. A revised way of thinking about productivity for students, freelancers and entrepreneurs.
    4. How to Change a Habit. My popular guide to changing your behavior, and your life.
  3. A private, one-hour live, fireside chat. For those who preorder, I’ll have a live call (recorded, for those who cannot attend), summarizing some of the main lessons from the book, and sharing some stuff that I couldn’t fit in.

To help me out with this new book, and to get access to all of the giveaways, all you need to do is preorder the book from any platform in any version, then submit your receipt here. The book will not be available until May 7th, but the preorder bonuses will unlock as soon as we can verify your purchase.

Links to pre-order:

Side note: While the exact version of the book doesn’t matter to get the bonuses, if you do choose to get a hardcover version of the book, that is somewhat more helpful for me (many bestseller lists discount digital copies). However, I know that getting hardcover copies can be difficult for people overseas, so if you choose to preorder on Kindle—that’s perfectly fine too!

Since this offer is only for preorders, I should stress that the book needs to be preordered on or before May 6th, 2024 to qualify for the giveaways.

How To Get Preorder Bonuses

Once you’ve preordered the book, simply go to this page and follow the instructions to upload your purchase receipt.

_ _ _

I sincerely hope you enjoy the book. Readers like you are the reason I’m able to do this for a living, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

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