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FacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmailDo you ever find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe, staring at a sea of solid colours, feeling a tad uninspired?

For some patterns can be a bit scary (you don’t want to get it wrong), and I know that I spent years with a mostly solid coloured wardrobe until I decided to figure out which prints I loved (as I’d bought some prints before and then got really sick of them fast), and I realised that for me, even though I’ve tried stripes (and they can be OK sometimes for me), I’m a floral/botanical kind of girl.  They don’t just come in one version, I have many versions, some bolder, others more delicate and feminine, yet my favourites are botanical in nature (though I do have a couple of leopard prints and I enjoy a star motif too).

So for you, if you’re feeling that your wardrobe could use something a little more exciting, perhaps it’s time to inject a little pizzazz into your personal style with the power of patterns. But beyond just adding visual interest, have you ever considered the deeper impact that patterns can have on your personal image?

Patterns aren’t merely about aesthetics; they’re a language of self-expression, a way to communicate aspects of your personality without uttering a word. As intelligent women,  we understand the significance of every choice we make, including what we wear. So, let’s delve into the transformative potential of patterns and how they can elevate not just your outward appearance, but also your inner confidence and self-assurance.

The Language of Patterns: What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

Imagine walking into a room adorned in bold stripes or vibrant florals. What impression do you think you’d make? Patterns carry symbolism and evoke emotions, whether it’s the sophistication of houndstooth, the playfulness of polka dots, or the timeless elegance of paisley. Each pattern tells a story, reflecting facets of your personality and mood. Understanding the impact of patterns on personal image can revolutionize how you present yourself to the world.

Here’s a tropical style floral tee that gives my outfit a summery and relaxed vibe.

Tropical floral pattern says relaxed and summery

Or these butterflies which are quite contemporary and modern in their design add a fun vibe to the back of my denim jacket.Modern and fun butterfly  motif

By embellishing my denim jeans with floral motifs and a few cute birds, these have gone from feeling relaxed to more creative and feminine as they are completely unique to me.

The floral embellished jeans give my outfit a more creative whilst still feminine lookConsider the classic appeal of pinstripes, conveying authority and professionalism, perfect for those pivotal boardroom meetings. Conversely, a flowing bohemian print whispers of free-spiritedness and creativity, ideal for leisurely weekend brunches. By consciously selecting patterns that resonate with your essence, you infuse authenticity into your attire, amplifying your personal brand with every ensemble.

The Psychology of Pattern Play: How Patterns Influence Perception

Have you ever noticed how wearing certain patterns can alter your mood or the way others perceive you? It’s not just a coincidence; it’s the psychological power of patterns at work. Research suggests that geometric patterns like chevrons can instill a sense of order and stability, while organic motifs like waves or florals evoke feelings of calm and tranquility.

Moreover, the scale and intensity of patterns can impact how others perceive your presence. Bold, oversized prints command attention and exude confidence, whereas delicate, intricate patterns invite closer inspection, fostering an air of approachability and intrigue. By understanding the nuances of pattern psychology, you gain insight into how to tailor your image to suit any occasion or desired impression.

Bold prints command attention

A bold print like this floral is more dramatic and always starts a conversation whenever I wear it.

Mastering the Art of Pattern Mixing:

Now, you might be thinking, “Patterns are all well and good, but how do I avoid looking like a walking kaleidoscope?” Fear not, for the art of pattern mixing is a skill worth mastering. The key lies in finding harmony amidst diversity, striking a delicate balance between complementary and contrasting elements. By mastering the art of pattern mixing, you not only elevate your style options as suddenly you have more outfits within your wardrobe but also amplify the impact of patterns on personal image, projecting a confident and cohesive visual identity.

Pattern mixing is easy if you just follow these simple rules:

  1. Colours should be in harmony – mix prints and patterns that contain the same colour families – brights with brights, warm with warm, or cool with cool.  Don’t mix muted with bright, or warm and cool as this will clash and be jarring.
  2. Mix sparse with dense or large scale with small scale.  Avoid mixing patterns that are too similar in size and shape.
  3. More intricate prints can be paired with geometric prints

Start by experimenting by mixing stripes with an alternate pattern, it’s the easiest mix ever. Remember, confidence is the ultimate accessory, so wear your pattern combinations with pride and panache.

Unleashing Your Pattern Potential

Not sure about which pattern is right for you? Consider taking the first step with 7 Steps to Style, where Step One is Your Personality. It’s the key to unlocking your style—what you love, what you don’t, and why. Everything from patterns to fabrics to accessorizing is determined by your personality. Through this program, you’ll learn to understand the language of clothes, paving the way for success in expressing your authentic style.

So, the next time you’re selecting an outfit or editing your wardrobe, dare to embrace the magic of patterns. Let them be the punctuation marks in the story of your style, adding depth, dimension, and undeniable flair. Remember, it’s not just about what you wear; it’s about how you wear it—and with patterns, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

What patterns resonate with your personality? How can you incorporate them into your wardrobe to reflect your unique essence? If you’re not sure, you can delve more deeply into how to express your personality through my style via the style education inside my 7 Steps to Style program, as there is a really strong relationship between prints and patterns and personality.  So if you’d love to figure out what’s right for, you, I’d love to help you further along this journey inside my program.

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