Makeup Trends: A Focus on Diversity and Versatility

As we delve into the beauty landscape of 2024, one thing becomes abundantly clear: diversity and versatility are at the forefront of makeup trends. With an emphasis on inclusivity, brands are embracing a wider range of skin tones, offering products that cater to everyone, regardless of their complexion or preferences.

JCPenney, a renowned American department store chain with a legacy spanning over a century, is leading the charge in this inclusive beauty movement. Committed to offering quality and value to its customers, JCPenney has collaborated with Mintty Makeup to introduce the “Nothin’ But Nudes Facepalette,” a game-changing addition to their beauty lineup.

Designed for all skin tones, the Mintty Makeup Nothin’ But Nudes Facepalette features twelve versatile shades that allow for endless creativity. Whether you prefer a subtle, natural look or something more dramatic, this palette has got you covered.

The palette offers shades that can be used to contour the face, highlight the cheekbones, or serve as neutral eyeshadows, making it a must-have for any makeup enthusiast.The palette boasts a mix of shimmer and matte finishes, providing options for both day and night looks.

As part of the thirteen lune collection, 90% of the brands featured are created by BIPOC founders who craft products for people of all colors. The remaining 10% exemplify allyship, driving meaningful change beyond beauty.

Crafted with care and precision, the Mintty Makeup Nothin’ But Nudes Facepalette promises high-quality pigments that deliver long-lasting, flawless results.

By partnering with brands like Mintty Makeup and supporting initiatives like thirteen lune, JCPenney is not only expanding its beauty offerings but also championing diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry.

In conclusion, the makeup trends of 2024 are all about celebrating individuality, embracing diversity, and empowering consumers to express themselves freely through beauty. With innovative products like the Mintty Makeup Nothin’ But Nudes Facepalette available at JCPenney, everyone can find their perfect shade and create stunning looks that reflect their unique style and personality.

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