Stepping into the Future: Exploring adidas Energy Boost and SpringBlade Footwear Innovations

The adidas Energy Boost was truly revolutionary in cushioning. If you haven’t tried them, you should. I still remember the first time I stepped into an adidas Energy Boost running shoe; I was amazed. They are incredibly cushy. I wish I had them on right now because my feet hurt.

Boost puts a bounce in your step. The adidas SpringBlade adds a spring to that bounce.

The SpringBlade looks different from any other shoe. They look futuristic with their blades. But what’s even more interesting than their appearance is how they make you feel. It’s almost like they make you spring-loaded, making you feel lighter on your feet. They have amazing energy return. Plus, it’s a horizontal return; if you bounce up and down, you still propel forward. (By the way, this makes them great for running but maybe not so great for activities involving side-to-side motions like basketball.)

The SpringBlades are angled and tuned to literally propel you forward. They encourage landing on your forefoot. (I can’t attest to how they feel for heel strikers, but I’m very interested to hear – so please, if you are a heel striker, let us know!) The blades also offer cushioning and absorb shock. This is all great, but you do feel a bit “above” the ground. If you prefer being close to the road, you should try these before investing in them.

Describing the SpringBlades is challenging. They feel a bit heavy when you’re holding them, but once you put them on, your feet feel light.

The blades are most effective against hard surfaces like asphalt. (Running on hard surfaces in your SpringBlade shoes makes sense because the blades can collect mud.)

These blades are not delicate: adidas tested the SpringBlade through thousands of miles of running and applied mechanical vertical compression to them. According to their literature, they held up just fine.

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