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Imagine a clothing line made up of effortlessly cool basics, where every piece feels like an old favorite right off the bat. Aaron Levine and Huckberry have done exactly that with Trumbull, a new collection of Detroit-made, American-cotton essentials.

Complete with a perfect fit and neutral palette, this gear (from hoodies and quarter zips to T-shirts and your new favorite sweatpants) is set to become your cherished classics of tomorrow.

In case you’re not familiar with Aaron, here’s the scoop: he’s a bit of a legend in the menswear game, known for bringing the cool back to brands like Club Monaco and Abercrombie and Fitch.

He’s also consulted with a variety of brands such as Aimé Leon Dore, Madewell, Ten Thousand, and Viberg. (Also worth noting Levine’s got a strong airport bathroom selfie game.)

Vintage-Inspired, Classically Designed Sportswear Made For Today

Trumbull isn’t just another clothing line. It’s like a love letter to those classic looks from the mid-20th century, but with a twist that fits right into our lives today.

And the name? Straight from a street in Detroit, where every Trumbull piece is cut and sewn. It’s all about making gear that feels as good as it looks, no matter if you’re on a city adventure or chillin on a weekend road trip.

Aaron and Huckberry hit it off from the start. They both get what it means to make clothes that aren’t just about looking good, but living well. They saw a chance to shake things up with Huckberry’s current fleece line-up from Flint & Tinder, adding some vintage vibes and roomy cuts.

And in just six months, they went from brainstorming over coffee to boxing up gear for the warehouse.

What Makes Trumbull Stand Out

Trumbull’s stuff is the kind you’ll wear so much, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. You know, those pieces that feel like you’ve had them forever from the moment you put them on. Think super comfy sweatshirts and T-shirts that get even better every time you wear them.

Trumbull on Huckberry

Trumbull, a Huckberry x Aaron Levine collab, is a collection of effortlessly cool basics where every piece feels like an old favorite right off the bat.


They’re about kicking back in comfort without sacrificing style. It’s for those days when you’re grabbing a coffee, heading out on a flight, or just lounging around.

Aaron and the team at Trumbull want you to feel good in what you’re wearing because, obviously, life’s better that way.

Fit and color

Let’s talk about the fit of these Trumbull pieces, because that’s where the brand really sets itself apart.

Aaron’s not about that skin-tight look; he’s bringing back those roomy, laid-back vibes from the ’90s that somehow feel just right today. Picture the kind of gear your dad rocked back in the day—only better.

These are the sweatshirts and tees that your partner will “borrow” and never give back because they’re just too perfect. The kind that feels like a hug from an old friend, but still looks sharp enough to turn heads. It’s all about that balance of comfort and cool, where every piece tells a story of where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Aaron’s tapped into something special here, blending nostalgia with a fresh edge that’s all about making everyday feel like the best day.

Fabric and Colors

The entire Trumbull collection’s crafted from 100% USA-grown cotton, which is great for a couple of reasons.

First off, cotton’s tough—it can take a beating and still come out looking good. It’s comfy, durable, and gets better with every wash. And with the pigment dye they’re using, these pieces have that already-broken-in vibe from the very first wear, meaning they’re only going to get better with time.

On the color front, they’ve chosen a palette full of earthy, easy-to-wear tones that can pretty much go with anything you’ve got in your closet. It’s a selection that doesn’t scream for attention, but instead feels effortlessly cool and understated. They’re perfect for mixing and matching, and designed to slide right into whatever you’re wearing without a second thought.

The combo of fabric and color selections here are practical, stylish, and meant to make getting dressed a no-brainer.

The Trumbull Clothes I Tried

So, I tried on a bunch of items from this line. Loved em all. Everything fit true to size, though I did size up on a couple items only because I wanted things a touch bit looser and boxier.


I’m 5’8″, 180 lbs, regular build. I usually wear a size Medium in tops, 32×28 (for no break) in pants, 40s in suiting, 9.5 shoe.

I did size up on a few things, and I’ll make sure to point out which items I sized up on in the details below, so read carefully!

Vintage Wash T-Shirt

A size Medium fits well on me, so I’d consider this true to size. Even at my actual size, there’s plenty of room across the chest and shoulders. And don’t forget, every Trumbull piece is designed like 90s sportswear: more relaxed and roomy.

In my case, I wanted something slightly more oversized (and even though all these garments are preshrunk, I wanted a bit of size insurance just in case I left them in the dryer a bit too long) so I prefer the Large here.

Vintage Wash Quarter Zip

I’ve had all these pieces for a couple weeks, and this one by far gets the most use. I love the Kelp colorway; it’s like a faded green / khaki / grey shade. The contrasting black zipper tape gives an unexpected visual pop, and the fit is just chef’s kiss.

I went with a size Medium here. It feels a bit roomier than the crewneck and hoodie (see below), but that might just be because of the stretchy ribbed paneling on each side, which you can kinda see in the close-up photo above.

Vintage Wash Crewneck Sweatshirt

Visually, I like how the Medium looks in this crewneck sweatshirt. There’s plenty of room in the arms and across the chest and stomach. The hem hits at the hip, just like with the other sweatshirt variations I tried.

In this case, I’d probably stick with a Medium here. The Large doesn’t feel that much bigger, but visually, it looks a little too big.

If you’re in between sizes and waffle back and forth depending on brand, and you’re looking for an oversized vintage-style sweatshirt, I’d advise sizing up. But if you just want something more relaxed in your typical size, you’d be fine grabbing your usual size here.

This colorway is called Ivory. It’s a nice off-white / natural shade. I love all the colorways throughout this collection. Feels vintage, lived in, slightly military, and goes well with everything else in your closet.

Vintage Wash Pullover Sweatshirt / Hoodie

I’m including two photos of the size Medium and size Large for the pullover hoodie sweatshirt, also in that Ivory colorway.

Similarly to the crewneck, Medium fits great, and yes I’d say feels true to size (albeit designed with a slightly looser, roomier fit just like the rest of the line).

However I do feel the pullover hoodie in a Large drapes a bit better and provides a touch more room without looking too oversized or being too long.

So I decided to go with the size Large in the hoodie.

Vintage Wash Classic Sweatpant

On to the pants! I tried both pairs: the Classic and the Double Front sweatpant (coming up next).

The Vintage Wash Classic Sweatpant in size Medium, paired with the Vintage Wash Pullover Sweatshirt in size Large. The sweatpants are the perfect length; no extra fabric pooling at the leg opening

I really love this pair of sweatpants. They’re incredibly soft, they’re roomy without feeling too loose and slouchy), they have an open hem at the leg opening (no elasticated cuffs), and they’re the perfect length for me.

I found this somewhat interesting because I need a 28″ inseam for no break, and this has a very slight break, so I assume this is around a 29″ length in the size Medium

Vintage Wash Double Front Sweatpant

Definitely the most interesting pair of sweatpants I’ve ever tried on. The wash, the second layer of cotton paneling down the front, the pocket and drawstring details, all together make this feel like more than just sweatpants.

I don’t wear sweats outside the house (unless I’m going to the gym), but I wouldn’t be embarrassed if I had to, say, fetch the mail in the lobby downstairs.

Stylistically, these could be worn in interesting ways and would make for a fun high / low look, mixing casual and dressy elements in one outfit. I haven’t experimented with that myself just yet but I’d be curious.

Details of the Vintage Wash Double Front Sweatpant. Nice texture, interesting layers, optional cinching at the waist and cuffs. A slightly hefty-feeling, interestingly designed pair of sweats

I went with a Medium in these. They feel a bit more tapered than the classic sweatpants, but that could just be because of the material used. That second cotton layer gives the pants more heft as well.

Overall, really love the style and detailing. They’re a great lounge pant that could make for some unique outfits. Random thought, but this could be a great pair of pants to wear during a long travel day.

Old Is New Again

Trumbull’s inaugural collection is like a secret handshake for those who know their stuff. So, why not dive in? These are the kinds of pieces that promise to go the distance with you.

They’re somewhat investment-worthy if you’re used to picking up a $10 Hanes sweatshirt from Walmart. So if you’re looking for something from a purely utilitarian standpoint—“this cheap thing will keep me warm enough”—then sure, maybe a 100% US-made, American-grown cotton sweatshirt isn’t for you. This is premium stuff, after all.

But if you’re looking for something you’ll actually enjoy wearing… something that fits comfortably, looks incredible, and feels like a solid, time-tested essential should (as if you’ve owned it for years) trust me, you’re gonna love these pieces.

Trumbull on Huckberry

Trumbull, a Huckberry x Aaron Levine collab, is a collection of effortlessly cool basics where every piece feels like an old favorite right off the bat.


This article is sponsored by Huckberry but all opinions and recommendations within are those of Barron and the team at Effortless Gent. You can read more about this here.

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