11-Hour Livestream Q&A – April 3rd!

Hey everybody. Something very, very special is coming next Wednesday, April 3rd. Here’s what’s going down. 

Join me starting 10AM EST at garyvee.com/live for an epic 11-hour livestream! I’ll be doing tons of Q&A, giveaways, and S&D (surprise and delights) every few hours or even minutes.. Tune in! I don’t want you to miss this..

Check out the details below: 

Join me LIVE for Q&A!

On Wednesday at 10AM EST, I’ll be going live across all my social platforms to share more about my upcoming books, Day Trading Attention: How to Actually Build Brand and Sales in the New Social Media World (launching May 21, 2024) and Meet Me in the Middle (launching July 16, 2024). I’ll also be answering a toooonnnnnn of questions live… who’s in?? 

Want to join me live and ask a question? Here’s how: 

For the duration of the 11-hour stream, there will be an exclusive 1-day only offer on both the books as a bundle 🙂 and obviously, if you have seen Super 8 from the AskGaryVee book days or been around for a while, you know that if there is a LIVE, there are tonnnnnnnssss of giveaways! At checkout, you’ll have the opportunity to type in a question you want me to answer, and my team will be keeping an eye out for all submissions. Anyone who purchases the book bundle and leaves their question may have the opportunity to be dialed into the stream and jam with me Q&A-style, so be ready! 

Tuning in but not interested in the bundle? Not to worry. You can also pre-order either book individually via amazon or other retailers as well. Either way, I am extremely grateful, as always, for your continued attention and support. 

About Day Trading Attention

Day Trading Attention is my seventh and most detailed business book to date. For those of you who read my 2013 best-seller, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, Day Trading Attention is the 2024 follow-up. Whether you’re a marketer, brand manager, CEO, small business owner, public speaker, influencer or content creator, you’ll learn not only where the current underpriced attention is, but how to effectively capitalize on it by maximizing your content strategy for the platforms that count. 

I’m confident that this book will help you to scale your brand, your business, and your cultural relevance.

Pre-order here.

About Meet Me in the Middle

The first official VeeFriends kids book is here! Meet Me in the Middle focuses on two key VeeFriends characters, Patient Pig and Eager Eagle. In a world where many of us are struggling with finding the balance between different extremes, Meet Me in the Middle strives to teach children – and adults! – the valuable lesson of balancing their ambition and enthusiasm to try new things with equal amounts of patience on the other side. 

I can’t wait for your kids, little brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, students and all the youngsters in your lives to read this book! 

Pre-order here.


I’m very excited for Wednesday.. Have a feeling I’m gonna get to jam with a bunch of you. It’s gonna be a 11-hour MARATHON and it’s gonna be big.. Hope to see you there. 


To join the livestream on Wednesday, 4/4, click here.
Day Trading Attention will be available for sale on May 21, 2024. Pre-order today.
Meet Me in the Middle will be available for sale on July 16, 2024. Pre-order today.

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