Here’s Where To Find Petite Plus Size Clothes Over Size 10!

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Why do most clothing retailers stop their petite offerings (if they even provide them) at a size 10? That makes absolutely no sense considering the average American woman is 5’3″ and a size 16/18! As someone who is 5’3″ and has been a size 12-16 for all of her adult life, I decided to do some research and make a list of where to find petite plus size clothes over a size 10.

Below lists what I gathered. The linked names take you straight to their petite offerings and let you know what size they go up to. I was pleased to find so many retailers offering petite plus size clothes, and at a range of price points and styles as well.

petite plus size places to shop

A Few of Our Fave Petite Plus Size Places to Shop

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  • Alice Alexander is an ethical and sustainable clothing brand based in Philadelphia that goes up to a 4X/30 and offers Petites (as well as tall!). 
  • American Eagle also offers shorts but not petite, and up to a size 24.  I have a few pairs of jeans from American Eagle in their short length and find them not too high in the rise; you can see them on me at this link.
  • Anthropologie has a surprisingly vast size range, and while they offer plus sizes, they only offer their petite selection up to 16P
  • ASOS offers petite up to size 22.  I’ve had mixed experiences with ASOS; like Old Navy the quality and sizing are inconsistent.  However, they are my go-to for things like what to wear to a bachelorette party, a cruise, a trip to Vegas, and other times you want fun clothes without spending an arm and a leg.
  • Banana Republic offers petite clothing up to a size 14.  This is my favorite petite retailer as the clothing fits my personal style aesthetic and I find their clothing curve-friendly in general.  I have several petite suits from them, pants, and dresses.  I have had mixed results with their jeans, they are sometimes too short in the rise and often still too long.  You can see all my looks featuring Banana Republic including the sizing I’m wearing at this link.
  • Catherine’s offers petite plus size clothing up to a 34WP. 
  • Cato Fashions carries petite up to size 28 WP. 
  • Chico’s carries petites up to size 22; please note they have a unique sizing format so a 4 is their largest.  I have a lot of clothes from Chico’s, you can see all my looks including sizing information at this link.  If in doubt, I find it’s better to size down with Chico’s.  
  • Christopher and Banks offers petites up to size 16.
  • ELOQUII does not carry petite plus, but they have several styles of their pants available in short lengths in sizes 12W – 28W.  I found them still too long in the rise and hem for me, but I have friends who find they fit great.  It’s worth trying, especially their Kady pant.
  • eShakti doesn’t have petite per se, but you can have any of their styles hemmed for your height or custom-made to your unique measurements for a reasonable price.  eShakti offers clothing up to size 36. I haven’t yet tried the custom measurement, but know many readers have with great success.  However, I have ordered pieces with my height and found them to be the perfect length.  You can find all my eShakti reviews at this link.
  • Foxcroft makes great shirts (I find them very large bust-friendly), and they offer them up to a 16P.
  • Full Beauty offers petite plus sizes 12-44.
  • Gap also offers up to a size 20 in petite. I find them to be more consistent with their sizing and petite measurements.
  • HSN also has several styles available in petite up to 24 Plus Petite.
  • JC Penney offers petite and petite plus up to size 24
  • J. Crew isn’t extensive, but they do have petites up to a size 12.
  • J. Crew Factory also carries 12 petite.
  • J.Jill offers petites up to 18P; not only that, but almost every single one of their styles is available in petite.
  • Kohl’s offers petites up to size 18. 
  • Lands’ End offers petite up to an XL/18 and petite plus up to a 3XP/26W.  If you’re looking for petite swimwear, petite outerwear, or just some great petite wardrobe basics, Lands’ End is a great choice.  I have several petite winter coats from the brand.  I also love that Lands’ End has extensive customer reviews to help you determine what size and style will be best for you.  You can see all the looks I own from Lands’ End, including sizing details at this link.
  • Lane Bryant has a selection of petite plus size and short clothing up to size 28.
  • L.L. Bean offers some of their selections in petite up to size 20.
  • LOFT offers petites up to a size 16.  I think LOFT is a great place for petite jeans and pants.
  • Macy’s has petite plus sizes for in-house brands and a couple of better-known retailers up to 28.  I previously reviewed Macy’s plus size petite collection.
  • Madewell offers a good portion of their collection in petite sizes up to 20.  Madewell is known for their jeans, which are really loved by those of all shapes and sizes.
  • M.M.LaFleur does not carry petites per se, but they do have a whole selection of petite-friendly styles, with most offered in sizes up to 22W. This is a great destination for elegant work separates. 
  • Nordstrom has a variety of petite brands, with some offering up to a size 18.
  • Old Navy offers petites up to size 20.  I have had mixed experiences with Old Navy petites. They are lower cost, and I find the sizing inconsistent, but at least they do have a selection.
  • QVC offers petites up to size 28WP.  I haven’t ordered from QVC in a long while, so I don’t have any personal experience. I do appreciate their extensive size range, not just for clothing, but also for shoes. 
  • Talbots offers not only petite up to XL/16 but petite plus up to 3XP/22XP.  Don’t discount Talbots as a place only for those who like a preppy or conservative aesthetic.  I love Talbots for great-fitting dresses, chic suits, and they’re one of my favorite places for well-fitting high-quality jeans. You can see all my looks featuring Talbots, including the size I wore, at this link. 
  • Torrid may not carry an exclusive petites collection, but they do have an extensive denim selection and many are available in a length called “extra short.”
  • Universal Standard carries jeans in petite sizing up to size 40. I own a lot of clothing from Universal Standard and was even interviewed by them and featured in their video for their Petites clothing launch.  You can see all my looks wearing Universal Standard at this link.  
petite plus size places to shop

It is amazing that in this day and age, with the average height and clothing size of the American woman, this list isn’t longer! Especially now as retailers are struggling to stay open, I am surprised more haven’t made an effort to embrace the variety of women’s sizes so they may remain successful. And I know those of you who are tall also struggle to find clothing in your size.

I can only hope that this year inspires retailers to stop looking to the past for what works and look to the current population and the success of those brands that have embraced a broader range of sizes and heights of customers.

I really hope this list isn’t exhaustive, and if new brands come on the scene I plan to update this list to keep it as a valuable resource for petites

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