8 Best Pomades for Curly Hair: Tame The Unruly Locks in 2024

As someone with pin-straight locks, I’ve always envied those blessed with piles of coils and ringlets. Though I covet curly hair, I recognize that a lot of effort goes into taming and styling it. Fortunately, the best pomades for curly hair help to control all that unruliness.

There are plenty of products out there for styling curly hair, but pomade is probably the most preferred for men. The greasy, waxy substance is specifically designed to hold hair firmly in place while also being flexible enough to restyle after applying.

It’s better than gel if workability is what you’re going for. It can be built upon and restyled as needed throughout the day. Basically, it’s more realistic.

The best pomade for men’s curly hair can be oil or water based, but that’s not the only difference between products. Some boast high shine for highly styled looks; others are discreetly matte, perfect for the guy who prefers a done but un-done kind of look. And some simply have more tack and grip than others.

Let’s take a look at what the 8 best pomades for curly hair have to offer.

Key Takeaways 

To start this assignment, I pulled up all the top blogs for pomade aficionados, pored over hundreds of photos, reviews, and product descriptions and even examined my husband’s bathroom cabinet until I whittled it down to the 8 finalists you see on this list.

Tops overall among the best pomades for curly hair is Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade because it’s lightweight, malleable, and never dries hard. Plus it has excellent control, which is a requirement for controlling curly hair.

For a sought after oil-based pomade that is worth your consideration, check out Lockhart’s Authentic Heavy Hold Hair Pomade.

a can of the superior hair dressing pomade by murray
murrayspomadeco / Instagram

Best pomades for curly hair: Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade

Why it’s great: A go-to product for G-Eazy, Grease Fiber uses microfibers to thicken and texture hair while controlling curls. These fibers align with the hair to provide extra control and malleability while remaining lightweight—just what curly hair needs.

It comes as a cool silvery white gel, as opposed to the more common creamier-looking consistencies that are nice and lightweight. No heavy, greasy feeling here. Unlike Suavecito, to which it’s most comparable, it never dries hard and is easy to wash out, thanks to a water-based formula.

Who is this for? This is one one of the best pomades for curly hair. Its fiber aspect makes it nice and sticky for excellent control, which is perfect if your curly hair needs taming. If you prefer a lightweight pomade that has tack and movement, then this one’s for you.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Reviewers seem to be torn about the smell. It seems like a real love-or-hate situation.

Benefits: Thickens hair | Size: 7 oz | Hold: Strong | Finish: Medium | Scent: Tropical fruit 

Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade

Why it’s great: For nearly 100 years, Murray’s has been slicking men’s curly, unruly hair into sleek and attractive styles. Coming in a vintage orange tin, this pomade has some seriously strong hold.

It’s petroleum-based with a thick, waxy consistency, meaning it’s got a firmer grip on your hair than water-based varieties. For such a great low price, you’ll love that one tin seems to last forever.

Who is this for? Because of its superior hold, this is a great option if your hair is thick and curly. A perfect choice if you need your hairstyle to last all day.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: With this pomade for curly hair locked in, your hair isn’t going anywhere. That being said, it can be tough to wash out without a good scrub.

Benefits: Strong hold | Size: 3 oz | Hold: Strong | Finish: Medium | Scent: Not listed | Free From: Parabens, SLS

Jack Black Clay Pomade

Why it’s great: Like a conditioner, this not only tames curly, textured hair, but also soothes and treats the scalp. A variety of botanical extracts like tea tree leaf oil, lavender, and sea kelp soothe, calm, and hydrate both hair and scalp with a cleansing boost of antioxidants.

As for its pomade properties, it’s lightweight yet sturdy and adds natural-looking texture and definition to hair without flattening it down, which is great for curls and coils. The consistency is smooth, not sticky or greasy, giving hair an easy-to-wear matte finish.

Who is this for? A great elevated product if you’d like your pomade to come with some healthful skin and hair benefits. The lightweight hold and matte finish is great for easy, relaxed hairstyles.

Flaws but not deal breakers: It has a bit of a scent, which some might find a bit strong.

Benefits: Hydrating, cleansing, soothing | Size: 2.75 oz | Hold: Strong | Finish: Matte | Scent: Not listed | Free From: Parabens, Colorants, synthetic fragrance

Layrite Deluxe Superhold Pomade

Why it’s great: One of the most popular pomade brands, Superhold from Layrite, provides tons of control for demanding hair that ‘fights back.’ The high hold and medium shine are great for curly hair that needs a little luster. For a water-based pomade, it lends some seriously good grip that makes washing it out easy as pie.

Who is this for? A go-to choice for many, this pomade is perfect for taming particularly unruly curls into a wide variety of styles. It’s one of the best pomades for curly hair.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: To avoid too much product hardening fast, use sparingly and add more as needed.

Benefits: | Size: 1.5 oz | Hold: Strong | Finish: Medium | Scent: Cream soda | Free From: Paraben, SLS, Dyes

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

Why it’s great: Neither wind nor rain can tamp down the staying power of this pomade. Boasting extreme hold, it will firmly set your hairstyle without unwanted stiffness.

Some reviewers say it hardens fast, which can be a good thing if you’re looking to keep your locks rooted in place. Shining features include optimal control and definition with textured hold you can still run your fingers through.

Who is this for? Because of such high-quality hold, this water-based pomade is great for a messy pompadour or other highly stylized looks that you can still fully wash out at the end of the day.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: If you feel like your hair becomes too stiff with this pomade for curly hair, you can always rework it with water or a water-flicked comb.

Benefits: Hydrating | Size: 3.5 oz | Hold: Strong | Finish: High shine | Scent: Smooth coconut | Free From: Parabens, SLS, Dye

Shear Revival Northern Lights

Why it’s great: Technically a paste, this product (and brand) is popular among pomade aficionados. Pastes are good for finer hair because they’re more lightweight with a stickier, grippier texture. This helps thin, fine hairstyles stay together and using 99% plant-derived ingredients to do it.

It contains kaolin clay which promotes hair elasticity, and calendula extract to prevent dandruff—another plus. This is one of the best pomades for curly hair and an easy, workable choice if you’re looking for a matte finish with a strong hold that won’t weigh your hair down.

Who is this for? Ideal if you have trouble building volume on curly hair that is fine and/or thin.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The clay could be drying for some, so make sure you’re using a nourishing shampoo or a hydrating leave-in conditioner.

Benefits: Hair elasticity, dandruff prevention | Size: 3.4 oz | Hold: Strong | Finish: Matte | Scent: Citrus | Free From: Synthetic ingredients

Lockhart’s Authentic Heavy Hold Hair Pomade

Why it’s great: I don’t often recommend oil-based pomades because a lot of guys struggle to wash it out. However, it’s usually the preferred pomade for the pros. Lockhart’s is a go-to brand for many, boasting incredible hold without tacking hair into a helmet.

It offers a clean, matte finish that tamps down thick, problematic curls into a style you can be proud of. Plus, it claims to be heat-resistant, sweat-resistant, and weather-resistant. How’s that for some serious grit?

Who is this for? A great option for long-lasting hold. Low shine means it’s a good option for natural-looking dudes.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It’s true, oil-based pomades are harder to wash out. Get your hands on a solid clarifying shampoo.

Benefits: Hydrating | Size: 3.4 oz | Hold: Strong | Finish: Low shine | Scent: Cocovanilla scent | Free From: Mineral Oils, Parabens   

Reuzel Blue Pomade

Why it’s great: Dingy-looking can aside (which, I’ll admit, is a vibe), this pomade packs some seriously good, long-lasting hold. It’s one of the best pomades for curly hair, adds the right amount of stiffness to coarse hair to keep your style intact while still remaining malleable throughout the day.

The super-concentrated formula keeps it from flaking and drying out the hair as you wear it. Works on both dry and damp hair, which is a plus.

Who is this for? For neat and tidy styles with vintage, high shine appeal. Excellent for slick backs and pompadours that you need to stay in place all day or night long.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Definitely a high shine product, it admittedly loses luster slowly throughout the day.

Benefits: 24-hour hold | Size: 1.3, 4, 12 oz | Hold: Strong | Finish: Matte | Scent: Vanilla Wood | Free From: Parabens, sulfates

an open container of the reuzel blue pomade
mrpomade / Instagram

Buying Considerations for The Best Pomades For Curly Hair


In order to control all that texture and unruliness, most curly-haired dudes will find that a strong hold is preferred in the best pomades for curly hair. This is especially true if you’re trying to sculpt your hair into a specific style that requires neatness or a sense of ‘doneness.’

However, if you prefer a more relaxed hairstyle, one that is a little more touchable, then a medium hold should do the trick. If you’re uncertain about which hold is best, try a strong hold and use only a little bit of pomade. If the consistency is water-based, then you can always run a comb flicked with water through your hair for more workability.


Unlike hold, finish comes down to preference more than anything. The best pomade for men’s curly hair can be matte, meaning the finish looks akin to regular hair with no added shine, or it can be shiny. This means it has a glossy look.

There are also semi-shiny options, meaning the hair looks a little more hydrated and luminous than if your hair had no product at all. You’ll probably want a matte finish in more professional settings, but you might want a shiny finish if you’re sculpting a gorgeous pompadour.


The base of the formula on the best pomades for curly hair also comes down to preference. Typically, pomades are either oil-based or water-based. Oil-based pomades are stronger and more durable.

They’re made of waxes, butters, and oil. However, they’re harder to wash out. But if you’re styling your hair everyday, then you might like that some product stays in your hair for easier buildable styling.

Water-based pomades are often preferred because they’re less maintenance-intensive. They are easier to wash out and are often more malleable throughout the day. This is good if you prefer hair that looks more lived in and less styled.

a superhold pomade and concentrated beard oil by layrite
layriteofficial / Instagram

How We Chose 

Plenty of pomades claim to tamp down cult hair without a greasy feeling or lacquering hair into a turtle shell, but quite a few aren’t up to par. So, I made sure to thoroughly examine each and every potential pomade for curly hair by running it through a few essential parameters.

I made sure that each product had good, quality ingredients and came from a solid brand that customers love. But most of all, I made sure that each product performed the way it was meant to.

Company reputation: I always make sure the companies I choose have a solid reputation in the marketplace. I pay attention to customer service and satisfaction and make sure that the quality of their pomades is up to par over the years.

Customer reviews: Do people feel that the best pomades for curly hair measure up? I like to read every customer review to see how reviewers feel about texture, consistency, durability and even smell. What they say determines what ultimately makes it onto my list.

Value: Last but certainly not least, how well is a product priced according to what you get? Does the pomade do what it says while offering enough product at a cost that seems reasonable? Value is of the utmost importance when it comes to crafting the list of the best pomades for curly hair.

Why Trust Us?

Staff writer Rachel Cascella is passionate about hair care, both professionally and personally. She has written countless times about proper hair care and the best products in the marketplace, specifically when it comes to pomades.

She has written in detail about the best water-based pomade and the best pomades in general for a variety of hair types and needs. Before she writes up any assignment, she is careful to check the biggest retailers, plus the blogs to see what people are really saying about a product.

In each review, Rachel applies her 15 years of fashion and grooming expertise to ensure that readers receive trustworthy and reliable advice. Her commitment to quality and detail makes her a credible authority for anyone looking to enhance their grooming routine or wardrobe.

Final Verdict 

The best pomades for curly hair should have a strong hold that doesn’t weigh down your curly texture. My top pick is Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade because it has excellent control, is easy to wash out, and is perfectly lightweight.


    • The best pomade for curly hair men is excellent for controlling and taming curly hair without getting crunchy or hard.

      • Both waxes and pomades are good for curly hair, though many pomades contain waxes. Water-based pomades are usually easier to wash out than waxes.

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