Japan’s Royal Family Embraces Social Media with New Instagram Account

Japan's Royal Family Embraces Social Media with New Instagram Account

Japan’s royal family has recently embarked on a new journey in the digital
realm by launching their official Instagram account. This significant move
marks the Imperial Household Agency’s debut on social media, showcasing a
modern approach to engaging with the public.

The account went live on Monday, capturing immediate attention with its
inaugural post featuring Emperor Naruhito, Empress Masako, and their daughter,
Princess Aiko. The introduction of the royal family to Instagram is not just a
nod to contemporary times but also a strategic step towards making the
monarchy more accessible and relatable to the global audience.

By Tuesday evening, the account witnessed an overwhelming response, amassing
over 574,000 followers and enriching the platform with 19 additional images.
These photos provide a glimpse into the royal family’s life, depicting their
participation in various formal engagements, such as greeting international
dignitaries, presiding over award ceremonies, and visiting cultural
exhibitions like the bonsai display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

The content on the page remains highly curated, reflecting the polished and
dignified image of Japan’s monarchy. It steers clear of controversy, focusing
instead on presenting the family’s involvement in official duties and cultural

Princess Aiko, the 22-year-old daughter of Emperor Naruhito and Empress
Masako, plays a significant role in the family’s online presence. Despite not
having personal social media accounts, Princess Aiko shares this platform with
her parents, offering insights into her activities and interests. Although she
is not in line to ascend the throne due to the traditional succession rules
favoring male heirs, her active engagement in public affairs and leadership
qualities are evident.

Following her recent graduation from Gakushuin University, where she studied
Japanese language and literature, Princess Aiko is commencing her work with
the Japanese Red Cross Society. Her focus is on supporting the survivors of
natural disasters, underscoring her commitment to humanitarian causes and the
welfare of the community.

This foray into social media by Japan’s royal family symbolizes a blend of
tradition and modernity, aiming to forge a closer connection with the people
of Japan and the international community alike.

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