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As the seasons change it’s a great time of year to do a declutter and clear out of your wardrobe as your clothing needs change due to the change in the weather (assuming you don’t live in a tropical climate where clothing needs to remain pretty similar all year round… but if you do live in a wet/dry climate there are still some great tips here for you to think about clearing out your wardrobe on a semi-regular basis).

One of the reasons that most people start a new diet on a Monday or we love the idea of New Year’s Resolutions is that it’s the Fresh Start effect. Beginning a new season with a decluttered wardrobe feels like a fresh start, symbolising new beginnings and opportunities. So as the month click’s over and the seasons change, I’ll be sharing with you some great reasons to do a declutter so that you can be more stylish more easily.

1. Reduce Stress 

This is my number one reason, I mean who needs more stress in their life?  Neuroscience has found a cluttered and disorganised space can increase stress.  By simplifying your wardrobe or just clearing out what doesn’t work for the current season can help you see more of what you own so you can more easily create stylish outfits each morning with less stress and more ease. Clearing clutter can improve the energy flow in your space, contributing to a more positive and peaceful environment.

2. Boost Confidence

Another win-win reason in my book. Wearing clothes that fit well and reflect your current style can significantly boost your self-esteem.  Plus you get a sense of achievement when you have completed this task which also makes your brain drop some of that feel good dopamine plus you’ll have a sense of more control over your space.  And making deliberate choices about what to keep or discard can feel empowering, reinforcing personal style and preferences.  Do you worry that your wardrobe is ageing you? If this is you, check out this post to know for sure, as if you’re feeling like that, what you’re wearing is unlikely to be boosting your confidence.

3. Emotional Release

Yes, letting go and clearing out old, worn-out, or unused items can be a symbolic act of letting go of the past, and making room for new experiences and growth.  This may give you an emotional release as parting with items tied to specific memories can be emotionally freeing, helping you to move forward (those pants in a size that no longer fits are not doing your mental health any good).

4. Joy of Rediscovery

I can’t tell you how many times when I’ve been helping clients audit their wardrobes we’ve found gems hidden underneath, at the back, in a long-forgotten dark corner of their wardrobe that they love and want to start wearing again.  In fact, I sometimes see the same garment purchased twice as they’d forgotten they bought the first one.  Maybe you too have some hidden gems in your wardrobe that can add some spice to your outfits?Decultter your wardrobe for enhanced style

5. Enhanced Creativity

This, for me, is a big one, as it can be a small daily creative endeavour to challenge yourself to put together a new outfit from what you already own.  Too many women keep shopping for new, even when their wardrobes are bulging at the seams, because they want a hit of feel-good hormones (which you get when you shop) yet, they don’t need anything more, and you can get the same hit when you use your innate creativity (and your style educated brain) to find new ways of wearing existing garments.  A streamlined wardrobe encourages creativity, making it easier to mix and match pieces and develop unique looks.

6. Space Optimisation

Of course, unless you’re Oprah or a Kardashian, you probably have more limited space in your wardrobe as you don’t have endless space to keep everything out all year round. Decluttering frees up space, making your wardrobe easier to navigate and maintain.  And let’s not forget seasonal appropriateness, removing out-of-season items makes room for clothing that is weather-appropriate, ensuring comfort and practicality.

7. Wardrobe Efficiency

Eliminating items that no longer fit or that you don’t wear increases the efficiency of your wardrobe, making outfit selection quicker. Plus when there is less in your wardrobe at any one time you’ll find that you have a little less maintenance as there is more room for your clothes to breathe rather than be completely crushed.  Fewer items in your wardrobe mean less maintenance, saving time and effort in upkeep.  Make sure you oranise your wardrobe for efficiency, this may mean finding the right storage options to make it easy to store your clothes for easy access.  Check out my post on wardrobe storage tips.

8. Style Update

Clearing out old or outdated items provides an opportunity to update your wardrobe to reflect current trends or personal style evolution. Maybe it’s time to look at your Style Recipe and see if it needs an update too, as style is a journey, not a destination, your style recipe will change over time and the change of seasons is a great opportunity to revise your recipe.  Once you’ve done the decluttering you can take your new Style Recipe which can inspire innovative pairings with remaining pieces, rejuvenating your style without new purchases.

9. Mindful Purchasing

When you know what you really have in your wardrobe this makes you more mindful of future purchases, promoting more thoughtful and sustainable shopping habits.  And of course, the roll-on effect is that you’ll get an economic benefit, spending less because you’re not buying duplicates of garments you’d forgotten you own, plus you may decide to sell or donate unwanted items too, maybe recouping some costs or supporting charitable causes with your donations.  Once you know what you have you can make more mindful choices, focusing on quality pieces that last longer and that really suit your physicality (body and colouring) as well as your personality, because you know who you are, what works for you and what you really need for your lifestyle, meaning that you’re not buying with a hit-and-miss approach because you took the time and made the effort to get an education in style and colour and you’ve got your personal style criteria sorted (and if this doesn’t sound like you, then jump into my 7 Steps to Style program as inside lies the answers to these questions).   It’s much more cost-effective in the long run to become educated in all aspects of colour and style.

10. Healthier Lifestyle

When you have an organised wardrobe this can contribute to a healthier lifestyle by reducing decision fatigue.  You can set out your space in a way that means you find it easier to grab your exercise clothes and shoes each day and get in those much-needed steps.  You’ll have more time as you’re not wasting time looking for garments as you know exactly which section of the closet they’re in.  You’ll not be made to feel bad (and then head to the biscuit tin) because those too-small clothes are taunting you each day when you go to get dressed.


So whether it’s the current feeling of overwhelm when you open your wardrobe each morning and try and figure out what to wear or the boost in self-esteem you’ll get as you discover new stylish outfits that motivates you to put some time aside to declutter and reorganise your space, now is a great time to figure out what you have, what you need for the coming season and how you want to express yourself through your outfits as you move forward into the next season.

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