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Even if You Love Clothes Like Me, Shopping for More Clothes Isn’t The Answer to Your Wardrobe Woes

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe, filled to the brim with clothes, yet felt you had absolutely nothing to wear? This paradox is one many of us face, and the intuitive solution seems to be to go shopping. But is adding more to an already overwhelming collection truly the answer?

Why shopping for more clothes won't fix your wardrobe woes
Let’s be honest,  who doesn’t love the thrill of a new outfit? That dopamine rush of a fresh piece wrapped in tissue in the carrier bag that seems to be promising endless possibilities? But for many of us, that initial excitement fades all too quickly, often as soon as you get the new item home or wear it the first time, replaced by a nagging sense of frustration. The closet overflows, yet we still feel we “have nothing to wear.”

Sound familiar? Here’s the truth bomb: shopping more isn’t the answer. In fact, it can be the very source of your wardrobe woes.

For years, I fell into the “retail therapy” trap. Every time I felt a style rut approaching, I’d head out, convinced a new garment would solve everything. Instead, I ended up with a jumbled collection – a mix of impulse buys, one-look wonders that didn’t increase the versatility of my wardrobe, and pieces that just didn’t flatter my body type or colouring (mustard yellow jumper I’m talking about you).

What I craved wasn’t more stuff, but knowledge. I lacked the education in colour and style that would empower me to make informed choices. When I discovered image consulting and that there was a science behind style I was hooked and realised that this was what I’d been searching for all my life.

For me, I jumped in and got trained as an image and colour consultant because I  wanted to share with other women who felt kind of hopeless (even though you’re super smart and think that getting dressed should be easy cos you’ve been doing it all your life), like I had,   Armed with that knowledge, I wouldn’t be swayed by fleeting trends or fall prey to the “flatter-by-association” tactics of certain brands.

Here’s the thing: fashion isn’t about blind conformity. It’s a powerful tool for self-expression, a way to project confidence and embrace our unique personalities. But without that foundational knowledge, it becomes a frustrating guessing game.

So, the next time you feel the urge for a shopping spree, try this instead: take a deep breath and embark on a journey of self-discovery. There’s a world of information waiting to be explored – from understanding your body shape and colouring to identifying your personal style.

Here are a few actionable steps to get you started:

  1. Declutter your closet: Be ruthless! Donate or sell items that don’t fit, flatter, or reflect your current style. This not only creates physical space but also emotional clarity.  Check out my posts here and here about how to do effective wardrobe decluttering.
  2. Identify your colour palette: A colour palette provides you with a handrail to help you create a versatile wardrobe where everything you own mixes and matches more easily and gives you the ability to create many more outfits from fewer garments.   Because understanding which colours work best for your skin tone, eyes and hair colour, the colours that are in harmony with you gives you a palette of colours to work with. You’ll be amazed at how the right colours can make you look radiant.  I believe colour is the most important starting point, as when you’re wearing your best colours you shine, you’re the star, and you look healthier, more vibrant and alive.  It doesn’t matter how great the style of a garment is, if the colour isn’t flattering it’s never going to be a great garment for you as it won’t make you look your best (even with additional makeup).  The value of a personal colour analysis can’t be underestimated as when you have a wardrobe of clothes in colours that flatter you, they also mix and match easily so you have maximum versatility with your garments.
  3. Discover the impact of your personality: Explore the personality dressing styles.  These aren’t boxes and you don’t have to dress just Classic or just Feminine; they’re starting points to help you understand what resonates with you, and everyone is a mix of multiple dressing styles, this is why style is so personal and copying other people’s style just doesn’t work as they are not you.  I go into this in-depth in my 7 Steps to Style program with quizzes to help you really figure out your unique mix.  If you want to jump in and discover your core personality style take my quick quiz here.
  4. Invest in key pieces: Focus on high-quality, versatile staples that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. A great well-fitting pair of jeans or pants,  or a well-tailored blazer can be your wardrobe workhorses.  You don’t need a wardrobe full of basic, basics (check out my post here on non-dull basics) but a few key ones can provide the foundation for your more interesting items and hold a look together.

Remember, this is a journey, not a destination. It’s about empowering yourself to make conscious choices that reflect who you are and how you want to feel. And trust me, the confidence that comes from knowing you’re rocking an outfit that truly works for you – that’s a feeling no new purchase can ever replicate.

So ditch the shopping sprees and embrace the adventure of style education. You’ll not only save money and closet space, but you’ll also unlock a powerful tool for self-expression. Now, that’s a wardrobe win worth celebrating!


Get Your Colour and Style Education

If you’ve been searching for a better way and are sick of the wardrobe churn, or are too scared to shop for fear of buying another garment that doesn’t work for you and feeling guilty at the waste of money, then I’d love to be your guide and teacher inside my 7 Steps to Style program.  Inside you’ll get my professional opinion on your body shape, face and features, colouring and so much more so that you can start curating a wardrobe of clothes that makes you feel and look fabulous every single day,  no matter what you’re doing!

Why Shopping isn't the Answer to Your Wardrobe Woes


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