The (poor) design of Apple Sports – Six Colors

Dr. Drang has come for the Apple Sports app:

Scores are only part of what a good sports app is about. Sports apps are used not only when you can’t watch a game and want to be kept plugged in, they’re also used—even more often used, I think—to give you background information on the game you’re currently watching. Announcements during a broadcast are ephemeral, but a sports app can tell you how many fouls Nikola Jokić has at any time. And this is where Sports falls down.

His critique of the poor presentation of basketball box scores is pointed and accurate. It definitely feels like an app that was launched with “I just want to get the damn score of the game” as the guiding premise now needs to expand to provide better presentations for literally every other portion of the app.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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