0.08 I struggle with my mid-section. I believe I’m an 8 shape. I’m lean with an hourglass shape with a slightly wider high hip. I’m always trying to hide my tummy and I’m sure of how to look long and lean.

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2.13 My main problem is that I hide my femininity. Also the bright warm colors would be my style. Half my closet are chic feminine and elegant but rarely worn. Only at home. Outside I wear still a kind of armour of dark ugly suits. Classic but even with a power color its just hides my soft side. I fear that all women will hate me and all men will be sexist.

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4.22 My biggest challenge right now is this: I have had a rapid weight gain with hormonal and adrenal disruption (hello menopause and stress). My body is different. Nothing fits. I’m not sure if this is temporary or my new body. I know what works/worked for me before but

1. will I go back to what I was before or not?

2. if I don’t, I’m not sure yet how to dress this body. I also don’t want to buy a whole bunch of new clothes that will be too big in a little while when I hopefully balance things out But I want to stop feeling awful wearing too tight clothing or even not being able to zip up dresses.

My strategy – I think – is to try to get things that might be ok even if a bit big, eg wrap dress or things that can be belted. But it’s a struggle right now.

My wish, oh genie, is to have a body back to where it’s not so much a mystery for what to wear. or to be able to buy things i know ill be able to wear for many years. and to also make shopping easier and less mental (& emotional) work! I kind of what someone to tell me ‘this, this, and this’ are what you should buy.

I partly feel like I need to get things settled and not in transition first so I know what my body is before I then buy for it (because i like to do less but better, so generally more quality but hence expensive pieces).


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