Beyonce Promotes Cowboy Carter in a Chloe Oversized Plaid Cape and A Linda Martell Color Me Country Tee available at Fashion Bomb Daily Shop!

Beyonce recently posed for the ‘Gram in a $13,390 Chloe Plaid Cape Coat, Chloe Shades, Prada Shorts, and a $39.99 Color me Country Linda Martell tee, a pioneering black female country singer you should know:

Linda Martell is a staple in the country music world. She was the first black solo artist to perform at the Grand Ole Opry and in August 1970, she released her only album, Color me Country:

Beyonce paid tribute to Linda Martell on her Cowboy Carter Album with the song “The Linda Martell Show” and also featured Martell on her song Spaghetti. She continues to pay homage to black country icons with her style, ushering in an era many call her most fashionable yet:

Grab Beyonce’s tee at and shop the rest of her look below:


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