Build a Flawless Plus Size Wardrobe: Your 8 Must-Have Essentials

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Getting ready for the latest fashion bibles to drop, I ask myself, quite often, in the wake of this amazing economy, what does a curvy fashionista do? Getting ready for the newness of each season often translates into a much needed investment for my plus size wardrobe- or does it? 

You see the newness, and assume, that it is going to cost you- but nothing is worse than filling your closet with new items, when you have pieces you either still have the tag on (it was on sale!), have not worn for two years (waiting for whatever excuse you give yourself), or you completely forgot about. Money might be tight, which only heightens the awareness of items to add to your plus size wardrobe- ensuring the fits, functions, and fashions will do its job.

But how does one prepare?


What do I mean? Listen, it is time to get your closet and plus size wardrobe together NOW, before all the amazing fabulousness hits the newsstand and websites! Every wardrobe has or NEEDS its staples, the classics, the foundations of a wardrobe.

So what are these staples, classics, and foundations that my plus size wardrobe needs and why?


Building out your plus size wardrobe means having key items that allow you to always have a great foundation to your personal style, regardless of season or trend.

Venti Fashion breaks this down a bit more: “Wardrobe staples are items in your wardrobe that are timeless and versatile. They can be mixed and matched together to create classic outfits, and they can be paired with trendier pieces to create balanced outfits.”

Another benefit for building out your plus size wardrobe staples is that this adds stability to your wardrobe and will not need an overhaul with each season’s passing trend. The following will help you, the uber fly and fashion loving plus size woman put together your ideal plus size wardrobe for every occasion.

These serve as a base for your wardrobe, allowing you the starting point for defining your style! In order to keep it fly at all times, you need to have a wardrobe that will allow you the option of always having something to wear!

The 8 Must Haves to Build the Perfect Plus Size Wardrobe

Your Foundations: Underneath it all

Before you dress your amazing curves, you must set the proper foundation. In order for your clothes to fit well and lay right, the underpinnings that you wear underneath it all will set the tone for the entire outfit. This includes proper fitting bra, panties, shape wear (if you choose), and hosiery.

These items will also help your clothes wear well throughout the day. The materials, style, and options you choose for your underpinnings can make a world of a difference for wear and comfort. 

Even bra brand, Wacoal echoes this sentiment in one of their articles: “Your undergarments are the base for every outfit and the most important items you will tend to wear every day. If what’s underneath is too big or too small, or the items are overly decorative when what you need underneath is smooth, you are not going to look right. You may even be uncomfortable or self-conscious.”

The Little Black (or White) Dress

Turn heads with the little black or white dress that is a key staple for every woman regardless of size. This wardrobe staple should be timeless and classic in its cut and shape for you to go from day to night, season to season, or year to year. With a change of accessories and shoes, the LBD or LWD will allow you to always have a go-to outfit when you have nothing to wear.

We are of the school that you can never have too much black or white, but if you have a short sleeve and sleeveless option, you should be golden! 

The Forever Multi-tasking Suit

Life and its many transitions always call for a suit that can capture any situation. Not only does a suit suffice for an interview or work event, but the right suit can make a statement on its own.

Not only that, but breaking up a suit allows for additional finishing pieces in your wardrobe. The jacket can be worn with your jeans, skirt, or dress, and the suit pants can be worn with a fashionable blouse for a less casual setting.

Amazing Booty hugging Jeans.

Gone are the days when premium denim was not available for the plus size woman! Finding a perfect pair of jeans is like finding a needle in a haystack. Have no fear- designer premium plus size denim is available for all of your curves.

A great pair of premium denim will allow you to feel put together, regardless of the occasion. If you do not have a amazing pair, opt for a dark rinse that can be dressed up or down- giving your wardrobe more options!

The White (or any colored) Crisp Blouse

As mundane as it may seem, a great fitting button up blouse is the catch all for any occasion. This basic will allow you something to always come back to! Whether it be a suit, skirt, or jeans, a classic button up will always finish your polished look.

Thanks to the growth of plus size fashion options, you can find your classic white button up that speaks to your personal style, at various prices, shapes, and style.

Tantalizing Trench Coat

Depending on the climate you live in, every woman (with or without curves) needs a Chic Plus Size Trench coat to wear! Did you know that the trench coat was “typically worn as a windbreaker or as a rain jacket, and not for sole protection from the cold in winter.” This perfect lightweight jacket that can pack high style is something that plus size women can add to their plus size wardrobe, with confidence.

When we talk about function meeting fashion, the options in plus size trench coats has come a long way for us! You can embody the ideal style and vibe you want wearing a trench coat that contours, enhances, and highlights your assets.

Something Color, Patterned, or Textured

plus size wardrobe essentials- So Fancy Top - lilac at
So Fancy Top at

To prevent your wardrobe from being one note, you must have an amazing blouse, dress, or jacket in an interesting or captivating color, pattern, or texture. Something that immediately brightens your day, gives you a boost of confidence, or that purposefully makes a statement! I am the hugest fan of jewel tones, but choose a color or pattern that makes you feel sexy, fun, flirty, or fabulous!

Playing with either one of these elements helps break up the humdrum of the wardrobe. Do not be afraid to splash a little attitude! For this spring, think of the current color trends in white, red, sky blue, peach Fuzz, lavender, and even metallic gold! Stripes, crochet, and sheer elements are focuses for spring that will be trending!

Accessorize to Maximize

Plus size spring fashion tips- Gold ID Bracelet - The Che by
Gold ID Bracelet – The Che by

Your accessories are like icing to a cake. Whether it be your jewelry, shoes, handbag, scarf, ring, (you get my point) accessories pull your outfit together! Wearing all black? Punch some flavor with bright blue stilettos or Lucite jewelry! Your accessories add that finishing touch.

And being a plus size person, plus size jewelry in our sizes does exist! Rings, bracelets, and necklaces are all available in ranges of sizes!

Once you have these staples identified in your plus size wardrobe, shopping the newest trends will be so much easier as you now have a great fashion foundation! As you look to the newness of each season, you will know what pieces you NEED and those, which you WANT and have a closet that will function for you!

What key pieces are in your closet that we have missed? Let us know!

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