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Iconic and legendary in the world of fashion, Phillip Bloch has created his own luxury cashmere collection entitled, ‘Omniscient Things‘ that is brilliantly made with an illustrated touch.

The New York native, who attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, has come quite a long way since his first inception in the world of fashion during the 80’s as a model for designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, YSL, and Comme des Garcons.

Following his modeling career in Europe, Bloch moved to Los Angeles to pursue fashion styling where he was able to put his talents to the test.

His incredible eye for fashion led him to become one of the most renowned Hollywood stylists, working alongside celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, and so many more A-list celebrities.

You may have also seen Phillip Bloch on Access Hollywood, E! News Fashion Police, and the Wendy Williams show as a correspondent for his excellent style acuity.

“The world of fashion has given me a whole life that is beyond my wildest dreams,” said Bloch.

Now after having over four decades of experience in the fashion industry, Phillip has designed ‘Omniscient Things‘ that consists of one-of-a-kind cashmere sweaters using sustainable materials.

“I do this as a couture brand,” expressed Bloch. “Couture is really made-to-order for the person, so I design my collection with not a person in mind, but rather ‘the person’ in mind.

Phillip is able to turn an ordinary cashmere sweater into something extraordinary by sourcing vintage fabrics and remnants from around the country. When it comes to the embellishments, think beads, sequins, feathers and 3D embroidered flowers perfectly placed on each sweater.

I go in and let’s say I buy a cape, I can usually get four or five sweaters out of that,” explained Bloch. “Each fabric has it’s on group and even if you can’t get a certain style there are always alternatives within that group.

The sweaters, which retail for $700-$2,250 have drawn the attention of many celebrities including Vivica Fox, Kim Cattrall, Holly Robinson Peete, Angela Bassett and Fran Drescher.

For Phillip’s Spring 2024 collection, he has introduced vibrant and fresh hues that are right on trend for the season.

From pinks and Fushia’s to yellows and creams, Bloch’s line offers an assortment of styles including V-neck sweaters and cardigans for versatility. What we love and admire most about ‘Omniscient Things’ is the exclusivity and specialty of each garment.

Whether you opt for a peak-a-boo design in the back or would like your cashmere sweater to have accent shoulders, the creativity is unlimited. “I think one of the great things about what I’m doing is that there’s nobody at this level,” said Bloch. “All my sweaters are lined with silk organza.”

In addition to ‘Omniscient Things‘ couture collection, Phillip Bloch also founded “God Stuff,” which is the parent company of his cashmere line and will offer T-shirts and sweatshirts on his website.

“We are all given so many gifts, and it’s weeding through the weeds to figure out what your real gifts are, and what you can do with them, expressed Bloch. ” If you’re faithful, the answer will come I believe.”

Phillip Bloch is an inspiration to so many people, and he has used his power of imagination to create 3-dimensional wearable pieces of art. He is revolutionizing the fashion industry with a selected technique, and we are excited to see what the future beholds for ‘Omniscient Things‘.

To shop, click here to purchase an ‘Omniscient Things’ sweater!

Photo Credit: Complimentary of Phillip Bloch/IG Reproduction/ Ken Gray @kengraystudio

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