Yes, You Can Look Good On A Budget. Here’s a Casual Warm Weather Outfit From Old Navy Just To Prove It

Want to start dressing well, but think it’ll cost too much 💰? 

It really doesn’t have to. You can find great outfits almost anywhere! For starters, check out this casual men’s warm weather outfit I styled from Old Navy (with accessories from Amazon).

The entire outfit you see here retails for $229, but that’s before any promos, discounts, and sales, which tends to happen quite often with many brands nowadays.

In fact, as I write this article, I just checked on these items again, and some of them are already on sale 😳

All items from Old Navy (see list below) except for Jewelry, which were found on Amazon

Shop The Items Below ↓

See the Video

Which affordable brand Should I do next?

Let me know by sending me a DM on Instagram and while you’re there, be sure to check out my other Reels.

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