Spring & Summer Style Choices That Age You

Style Choices That Make You Look Older

Some of these are very specific and others are more general, but they’re all things women tend to do that can add years to their appearance.

#1. Frumpy Sandals

wear this

Since we’re talking specifically about spring/summer style, let’s start with sandals! My friend Jen at Everyday Style School is fond of saying, “Shoes make the outfit.” I never thought about it quite like that, but she is so right. Even if your outfit is on point, an unfortunate footwear choice can ruin the entire look.

A good rule of thumb with sandals is the less foot coverage, the better. Also, straps that create diagonal rather than horizontal lines typically look less frumpy. Look for thinner straps rather than thick, chunky straps, and try to avoid a strap that cuts across the ankle, especially in a high contrast color to your skin tone.

Also, color really matters here. Black footwear should never be the default, especially in the spring/summer. Light neutrals and metallics are better choices. If you need a comfort sandal, look for molded footbeds to provide support, and go for lighter colors and summery fabrics like raffia and cork.

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