Summer Fashion Try-On Haul: White Denim, Shorts, Tops & More

I’m not sure about the print, although I love the colors, and I’m glad it’s not a floral. I can’t put my finger on what bugs me about it. I feel like it’s not really my style anymore, but it was once.

Also, the ruffle detail around the neck isn’t really my thing, but it’s not terribly froo-froo, as far as ruffles go. I might like it better under a jacket, so it isn’t so much print, and the ruffle isn’t so obvious.

VERDICT: I’m clearly on the fence with this one. Sometimes I just want a cheerful summer print to throw on with white or blue denim to go out to dinner or church, and this fits the bill. I’ll probably hold onto it for a few weeks and see if I reach for it before the return deadline.

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