You are worth $47. 

Almost a year ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued subsidiary Ring, the camera security company that started off selling a video doorbell, for allowing employees and contractors to access private data without permission. The two parties have reached a settlement. Ring will pay $5.6 million to 117,000 customers whose data was accessed. That works out to $47. 

That is what your data (and perhaps your privacy) is worth — at least today. It is worth more than what T-Mobile or Experian paid as a fine per customer: $4.50 and $9, respectively. This minuscule fine is one of the reasons why companies get away with playing loose and easy with our privacy and data. If we had proper digital rights as citizens — we don’t — these folks would be in a lot of trouble. 

The whole thing smacks of complete apathy — among legislators and government. Of course, you have seen me go on and on about why companies fail to protect our data and respect our privacy.

April 25, 2024. New York

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