Apple’s iPad Pro M3 might actually be an iPad Pro M4, and now we just have one question — WHY?

With Apple’s May 7 Let Loose event just days away, a bombshell new rumor about the OLED iPad Pro has left us scratching our heads and begging the question, what on earth is going on?

For months we’ve been looking forward to the iPad Pro M3, Apple’s next best iPad, as the end of a 500+ day drought of no new Apple tablets. One of the headline features, as eagle-eyed readers might have spotted, was thought to be the M3 chip. For months, Apple’s top-of-the-line iPad was tipped to get the same Apple silicon as the M3 MacBook Air and the M3 MacBook Pro. Now, however, a new rumor claims that M4 will actually be at the heart of the tablet.

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