Conscious Growth Club Is Now Open for You to Join Through May 1, 2024 – Steve Pavlina

I’m happy to announce that Conscious Growth Club is now open for new members to join us for Year 8.

Our first 7-year cycle in CGC is coming to a close, and we’re now beginning our 8th year together with a LOT of improvements. This new CGC year is going to be so DIFFERENT and UNIQUE than any previous year in the club. Even the price is different – in a way I think many people are going to love and appreciate.

I wrote up a very detailed invitation for you for CGC Year 8, so please take some time to read through it. There are some pretty amazing surprises in there. Even if you’ve been a member of CGC previously, this year is truly going to involve some very different experiences and explorations together.

If you’re keen on joining CGC this year, be sure to join us by May 1st because this will be our only enrollment period for all of 2024. So if you want to hop in for this year, now is the time.

Visit the Conscious Growth Club page to learn the details. I’ll see you inside!

Conscious Growth Club

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