15 One-Piece Plus Size Swimsuits That’ll Have You Poolside Pretty!

When it comes to plus size swimsuits, there are several stigmas attached for plus size shoppers. The rule used to be that if you want to be modest and cover up, you wear one-piece plus size swimsuits. Two piece suits are sexy, edgy and are made for turning heads. One piece suits? Let’s face it… in the past, they used to be boring… not anymore!

Are you looking for cute plus size one piece swimsuits?! We got you!! It’s plus size swim week here at TCF, and we’ve gathered our plus size swimsuit experts to help you find the CUTEST plus size one piece swimsuit.

Are you ready to hang out in the sunshine?! Because basking in the sunlight is all we can think of.

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We want to show the world that a one piece swimsuit can be JUST as edgy, sexy, and “stop what you are doing and look at me” fabulous! From keyholes to high cut legs, these are not the one piece swimsuits of the past.

As it heats up outside, and less becomes more, what could be better than laying out under the sun on a white sandy beach with the waves crashing at your feet? Or next to your dreamy backyard pool? Donning a super cute plus size one piece swimsuit!

And while we have a ton of options for plus size bikinis and modest sets, what options do you have if you are more of a one piece plus size swimsuit person?

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15 One-Piece Plus Size Swimsuits That’ll Have You Poolside Pretty!

When we said we were going to show you one-piece swimsuits that were not for the faint of heart, we meant it. These one-piece plus size swimsuits are unique in price and design, but they all will make a gorgeous statement for the lucky folks who rock them.

Options and choices are no longer few when it comes to feeling sexy, confident and free in your bathing suit. We’ve been able to find you a few playful, bold, sexy, and sleek plus size one piece swimsuits that you are sure to want to get your curves into!

No matter if you are traveling to the beach, to the lake, or your local pool you deserve a bathing suit that will make you feel SWIM-sational!!!

If you are looking for more plus size swim inspiration, check out the plus size swimwear brands, the newest swim collection from Eloquii, and a few other plus size swimwear articles!

Which of these 15 one-piece plus size swimsuits are YOUR favorite?

Are you a fan of metallics, cutouts, lacy black, or halter tops? Tell us all about your pick in the comments! We want to hear all about it!!!

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