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One of the questions most men (who want to dress well) ask around this time of year: “How long should my shorts be?”

While I can’t give you one specific answer—every guy’s body type, height, and build are different!—I think I can guide you towards finding the right answer for you.

I’ve laid out FOUR tips for you below.

By the way, the shorts I’m wearing in the examples below are the 365 Shorts from Flint and Tinder.

They come in a bunch of great colors, are made from a 98/2 cotton blend (so there’s a bit of comfy stretch built in) and they’re available in three different lengths, so you’re bound to find the right pair for you.

1) 5″, 7″, 9″? Longer? Shorter?!

Most shorts come in three inseam lengths: 5, 7, and 9 inches.

I’m around 5’8″ or 5’9″, wear a 28″ or 30″ inseam in pants, and 7″ length short seems to be the sweet spot for me, sometimes 8″ (more on that in #4).

Just to give you an idea, I put together a video comparison of each length below.

2) Where should the shorts end?

General rule of thumb: If you’re looking for a good middle-of-the-road style, you want the leg opening to end a couple inches above the middle of your knee cap.

There isn’t an exact spot where they should hit your leg; it’s more of a personal preference thing.

man wearing olive shorts in 5 7 and 9 inch lengths to show inseam difference
Shop These Shorts (all inseams available). Model measurements: 5’8″, 180 lbs, typical size in pants: 32×30.

And usually, a bit shorter is better than the shorts being too long.

If you’re still in the shopping phase, use the comparison Reel or the image above to get a rough idea of what different lengths might look like, as well as gauge the ideal inseam length for you.

3) Thicc thighs? Get the bigger size

Don’t be afraid to size up if necessary.

Over the years I’ve realized my legs are a bit bigger relative to most guys who wear the same waist size, so slim (and even some straight) pants are too tight on my legs, even though the waist fits perfectly. See what I mean below:

So in these cases, I just size up one in the waist, and usually the legs will then fit.

4) Pro Tip: Are you in between lengths?

If you’re in between lengths (i.e. a 7″ inseam is too short, but a 9″ inseam is too long), here’s a tip: Go with the longer inseam and just cuff it at the hem.

Here’s an example:

illustrative photo showing difference between 8 and 9 inch length shorts
Shop the Flint & Tinder 365 Shorts Here

On my body specifically, I find the 9″ inseam length to be too long, and while the 7″ is fine (see both models on me), I think something around 8″ would be perfect.

So here, I took the 9″ short and rolled up the hem one time. Boom, perfect length.

Hope that helps! Got any questions? Feel free to DM me on Instagram.

This article is sponsored by Huckberry but all opinions and recommendations within are those of Barron and the team at Effortless Gent. You can read more about this here.

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