17 BEST Size Inclusive Swimwear Brands to Shop in 2024 | Above a 5X or Size 30

Hey girl, hey! Today we are talking ALL about where to shop for size inclusive swimwear brands.

Here at The Curvy Fashionista, we are celebrating PLUS SIZE SWIM WEEK (ermahgerd, so exciting!), and we are stoked to share the very best size inclusive swimwear brands to find YOUR best swimsuit in 2024.

Ok, so when talking about size inclusive swimwear brands, we’ve got a little system worked out.

Unlike other brand roundups (like our size inclusive wedding gown roundup, for instance), most companies can’t make TOTALLY custom sizes for plus size swimsuits, meaning their size chart stops somewhere.

The manufacturing process is a bit different for swim, frankly.

SOOOOO, for that reason, we have put together this list with plus size swimwear brands that go above a 5X or size 30. We know that to be TRULY inclusive, we need brands that don’t have a limit, but we ALSO want to provide a rad resource for our community. We even found a brand that goes up through a size 9X!

We also wanted to be sure to take this opportunity to feature the many rad indie brands and small companies that have some of the MOST inclusive swim sizing on the market today!

In the list below, I’ve also ranked the brands by which one is most inclusive — ACCORDING TO THEIR SIZE CHART. One brand’s 5X is another brand’s 3X, after all. What we care about are waist measurements!

Alrighty, now that we have that FYI out of the way, let’s get into our roundup of the best inclusive swimwear brands!

Size Inclusive Swimwear Tips!

When shopping for size inclusive swimwear, here are few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Swim size charts are DIFFERENT! I know it sounds kind of strange, but the size chart for swimwear is often 100% different than it is for their regular clothing! You may have to size up in swim — so ALWAYS check that size chart!
  2. Follow bloggers and influencers with a similar body shape to you! Real talk, finding a plus size model whose body looks like mine can be TOUGH, so I like to follow fellow influencers to see what looks good on them — so I can then snag it! 😉
  3. Take your measurements! Be sure to take your body measurements (you can have a bestie help you!) before deciding what size to buy! This is so so key and will likely save you a LOT of time when shopping around!

And lastly? REMEMBER TO WEAR WHAT YOU WANT! Life is short! Seize the day! You deserve a cute swimsuit that makes YOU happy! Show your arms, belly, thighs, calves, etc! You’ve got this, babe!!!

Did you have found reading our guide to the BEST size inclusive swimwear brands?! We hope so! Share in the comments which swimsuit was your fave!

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