5 Best Suspenders for Big and Tall Men to Wear in 2024

Big guys have it rough when it comes to holding their pants in place. Tighten the belt too much, and you get an hourglass figure, and not the good kind. Make it too loose, and you make your thighs look that much plumper. To get around that, you have the best suspenders for big and tall men.

Getting the right T-shirts and jeans is only half the battle. If you’re on the bigger side, then you need suspenders to emphasize your height without messing up your proportions. It’s the kind of accessory that not everyone can pull off, but those who can are genuinely lucky.

So, where to begin? There are lots of amazing options when it comes to suspenders, but there’s a science to getting them to work if you’re bigger. That’s why we’ve picked out our favorite ones for your convenience.

Read on to see the best suspenders for big and tall men.

Key Takeaways

The research has been done, the reviews have been read, and the results are in. For me, Kangdai is behind the best suspenders for big and tall men. You can get them in five incredible colors, and the strength of the clips is second to none. On top of that, the price is extremely reasonable for what you’re getting out of the deal.

For a tried-and-true classic, there’s also Tommy Hilfiger Suspenders. Alongside a timeless look, these things offer superior craftsmanship and the option to pick between clips or loops.

man wearing white shirt with bow tie and suspenders
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Kangdai Big & Tall Men’s Suspenders: best suspenders for big and tall men

Why it’s great: What can I say about these except that they’re the best? Elegantly combining polyester and leather, Kangdai’s suspenders are durable and stylish, and the clips are some of the strongest that you’ll find.

These bad boys aren’t going anywhere. Speaking of leather, the crosspatch in the back keeps everything snug and in its place.

Who is this for? I don’t care what kind of insane colors you’ve got stashed away in your wardrobe. Between these five Kangdai colors, I’m confident that you can make any combination work. This goes for casual and formal clothes, so stock up and get one of each.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I don’t have a single gripe with these, which is why I’d consider them the best suspenders for big and tall men that you can find. I guess I’d like to see them in a crazy pattern, but that’s more wishful thinking than a complaint.

Material: 65% Polyester, 23% Metal, 12% Leather | Type: Wide, clip | Colors Available: 5

TopTie Skinny Suspenders: best suspenders for big and tall men

Why it’s great: At 42” long, these men’s big and tall suspenders really put the top in TopTie. For practically zero money, you can choose between two very easy-to-style colors, not to mention the quality of the build. The silver clip ends are incredibly eye-catching, and they won’t be snapping out of place, either.

Who is this for? Since they’re on the skinny side, these suspenders are better for informal settings. Still, with these colors, you could probably get away with wearing them with most dress shirts and suits, too.

They’re also pretty unisex, and they work with various body types, so you could even give them to your significant other to wear. They deserve their spot on this list of the best suspenders for big and tall men.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: As secure as the clips are, sometimes they can be a little bit too snug. You may have this issue if you’re a bit overweight; but more often than not, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Material: 100% polyester | Type: Skinny, clip | Colors Available: 2

Trafalgar Silk Suspenders

Why it’s great: If you think that price is a bit steep for suspenders, then think again. Trafalgar struck gold here with the premium quality silk construction, and the generous length can accommodate guys of virtually any size without a problem.

Also, although I usually prefer clips myself, I absolutely adore how the buttons look here.

Who is this for? Between all those colors and the minimalist yet sleek design, there’s no wrong time or place to slap these on. The more outlandish colors can be a great look at a party, and the more neutral ones add an air of formal elegance to a good suit.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Alongside the silk, there’s a bit of leather in the back patch. This part is prone to cracks after a longer period of use, but depending on the context, it could add to the aesthetic. That takes nothing away from these being among the best suspenders for big and tall men.

Material: 100% silk | Type: Wide, button | Colors Available: 14  

Tommy Hilfiger Suspenders

Why it’s great: Tommy Hilfiger is another killer brand, so it’s no surprise that they came up with some of the best suspenders for big and tall men. The mix of polyester and rubber is extremely comfortable, and that TH look will never go out of style.

Who is this for? Between the solid colors and the option to go clip or button, you can make these work with just about anything. They really pop with top-of-the-line suits, although clipping them onto your jeans works just as well.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: If you’re between sizes, then it may be tough to get these to sit exactly as they should. Thankfully, you have two fastening options if one gives you more breathability than the other.

Material: 75% polyester, 25% rubber | Type: Wide, clip/button | Colors Available: 3

Trilece Men’s Suspenders

Why it’s great: Last but not least, for men’s big and tall suspenders, it’s Trilece. A true one-size-fits-all pick, these are an extremely safe first pick if you’ve never worn suspenders before. Besides the quality design, you also have some of the strongest clips in modern suspenders.

Who is this for? These are truly among the best suspenders for big and tall men. These puppies come in every color of the rainbow and then some. To make things easier for you, you can buy an entire bundle at a discounted price to mix and match accordingly.

Naturally, I’d save the brighter colors for a casual outing and go darker for the office.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: No major complaints here, although I have to wonder about some of the color choices. If you feel that you can pull them off, though, enjoy and more power to you.

Material: 70% polyester, 30% spandex | Type: Skinny, clip | Colors Available: 19

man wearing white shirt with suspenders
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Buying Considerations for the Best Suspenders for Big and Tall Men


When it comes to skinny versus wide, the slimmer the suspender, the more casual the look. Skinny is a great look on T-shirts and jeans, whereas wide is generally reserved for suits. Similarly, clip suspenders are better for a relaxing night out, and button ones offer a bit more detail and class.


It’s important to match your suspenders to every piece of clothing on you, including your shoes and socks. The simplest way to think about it is that your suspenders should match your pants or at least be darker than your top. If you can’t be bothered, then navy blue is the closest thing to a universally appropriate color for suspenders.


This comes down to personal preference for the most part, but the material does communicate a lot about you. For example, leather suspenders have a more formal look to them, and polyester ones tend to be more comfortable and casual. As for the clips, try to go for something a bit more heavy-duty than plastic if you can.

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How We Chose

There are a lot of big claims in the fashion industry, and most of them are exaggerated or flat-out false. To put together this list of the best suspenders for big and tall men, we looked at dozens of amazing options before narrowing it down to the top 5.

We considered everything from company reputation to pricing, so we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect product for you.

Company reputation: Does the company regularly put out high-quality products? Decades of success and sales can’t be a fluke, and we like to associate ourselves with the best in the business.

Customer reviews: What do buyers have to say about the product? If I see that customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their purchase, then I’m more likely to recommend it to you, too.

Price: Does the price of the product make sense? I like to make sure that I include an option to match everyone’s budget, and I try to make sure that the cost-to-quality ratio checks out.

Transparency: Does the company communicate its manufacturing process openly? The more open the brand is about how its product is made, the more inclined I am to pitch it to our readers.

Why Trust Us?

Andrej Paskalov has been big, skinny, and everything in between. This, combined with his stint as a fashion writer, has led him to learning lots about male clothing. Jeans, dress pants, and the belts that go with them – there’s very little he hasn’t written about.

Writing for Fashionbeans takes a lot of research, but Andrej is committed to bringing our readers the very best. From YouTube reviews to company websites, there are no lengths he won’t go to for the highest-quality content possible.

Whether he’s dealing with thousand-dollar watches or two-dollar pocket combs, you know that you’ll be getting the best advice from Andrej.

Final verdict

And that’s that for the best suspenders for big and tall men. Kangdai’s Suspenders win out for me thanks to their safe yet elegant color choices and high-quality construction.


    • Yes, suspenders on big and tall guys are a great look. They can help accentuate the sexiest parts of being big while neatly packaging the bigger stuff, like your belly or your backdoor assets. Ultimately, you just have to figure out how to style them.

      • You’ll want to adjust your suspenders bit by bit until you get the fit just right. Ideally, you want them snug enough to where they don’t slip off. At the same time, they shouldn’t be tight to the point where they’re pressing down on your shoulders and back.

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