Where to Buy Your Colours


One question I get asked a lot after a personal colour analysis and the client now has their palette and signature colours in their hand, is “Who sells my colours and where can I buy them?” 

Now I’ve got some posts here to help you identify colours that fit your palette when you’re out shopping (from choosing prints and patterns, to finding colours that fit with your palette), the kinds of things you should be looking for, but sometimes, it can be easier if someone who is an expert (like me 😉) can identify them for you. 

Inside Out Style  – Absolute Colour System Store on Amazon

Recently I discovered that I could set up an Absolute Colour  Amazon storefront and then select items that fit into each palette to make it easier for my clients to find items that harmonise with their colours which makes building a wardrobe of clothes that easily mix and match more simple.

As I love helping my clients find their best colours because I know how life-changing wearing your palette of colours to be, I thought this was a great idea and I want to share it with you too as you may know your best colour palette and be looking for items to update your wardrobe in your ultimate colours.

I’m constantly adding new items into each of the palette stores so it’s worth checking back regularly as new items will be added.

The one caveat is that I’m only going from the colours on my screen, so if the colour is different in real life I won’t know that, but I’m hoping that the colours are reasonably accurate (we will find out in time).

Finding Your Best Palette Picks

You will see that I’ve created a list of items for each of the 18 Absolute Colour System Palettes

  • 9 Warm:  Exquisite, Zesty, Spicy, Intriguing, Radiant, Rich, Exotic, Enigmatic, Opulent
  • 9 Cool: Tranquil, Refined, Sublime, Serene, Dynamic, Dramatic, Elegant, Sophisticated, Mysterious

Because my palettes are categorised on both Value (aka how light or dark your hair colouring is) as well as undertone (warm or cool) and intensity (how bright or muted the colours that suit you are), I do recommend that you can check out adjacent value palettes for lighter or darker colours that still may work well in your wardrobe:

  • Refined and Dramatic
  • Sublime and Elegant
  • Serene and Sophisticated
  • Zesty and Rich
  • Spicy and Exotic
  • Intriguing and Enigmatic


Do remember though you’re best in your ideal value (that’s the same value as your hair colour – check out more on this concept here) rather than going to lots of dark when you’re light in value or lots of light when you have darker colouring.


Discover Your Ultimate Colour Palette

If you’re not sure of the colours that suit you today (because they change with age and hair colouring), then I’d love to invite you to have a personal colour analysis – you can do so online here or if you’d like the full style education, have one as part of my 7 Steps to Style program (where not only will you discover your best palette but also everything that suits you physically, your body shape, proportions, scale, variations as well as how to express your personality through your style so that you feel like the best version of you, along with advice on creating outfits, wardrobing and so much more, check it out here.



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