Simplicity in an over-complicated smart home market

Amazon’s Echo Show 8 is one of the most popular Alexa devices among our readers. But it’s not just smart home fans who end up buying this nifty smart display. One of the best things about Amazon’s Echo Show lineup is how simple yet versatile these devices are. The Echo Show 8 can fit in with the most complex smart home systems, but it can also exist on its own for people who don’t want to deal with the overcomplicated mess that the smart home market has become. All you need is an Echo Show 8 with Alexa, and you can unlock endless helpful functionality without having to set up any other devices.

The new 3rd-generation Echo Show 8 retails for $150, which is a fair price for this sleek smart display. With Amazon’s current discount, however, you’ll save 37% and drop the price to just $94.99. That’s within $5 of the lowest price ever for the latest version of the Echo Show 8, which was released just last year.

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Of all the Echo devices Amazon has released over the years, the Echo Show 8 might be my favorite one. It has all the great features of an Echo smart speaker like the Echo Dot. Then, it adds a nice big 8-inch display to give Alexa an entirely new dimension of capabilities. Instead of just telling you things, Alexa can show you things, too.

The Echo Show 8 isn’t the only smart display in Amazon’s Echo Show lineup, of course. The Echo Show 5 is a cheaper alternative, and the Echo Show 10 has an even larger display. Then there’s the Echo Show 15, which is huge and hangs on your wall like a digital painting.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of those other devices. The Echo Show 5 is nice because it’s so inexpensive, but I find the screen too small to be useful. The Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 15 obviously have much larger displays, but they’re too expensive at $250 and $280, respectively.

Amazon’s Echo Show 8 really hits the sweet spot. And right now, it’s on sale with a deep discount. That drops your cost from $150 to only $94.99, which is $5 away from Amazon’s best price ever for the newest version of the Echo Show 8.

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That is definitely one of the best Echo Show deals out there right now. But there’s also one more I want to mention.

Amazon’s entry-level Echo Show 5 is also on sale this week if you bundle it with a Blink Mini home security camera. The Echo Show 5 obviously similar to the Echo Show 8, but it has a much smaller 5-inch display compared to the 8-inch screen on the bigger model. Three inches doesn’t seem like a big difference, but the footprint of the Echo Show 5 is significantly smaller.

The only reason to get the Echo Show 5 instead of the 8 right now is if you absolutely must have a more compact device. The discount is nowhere near as deep as Amazon’s Echo Show 8 sale. While the larger model is 37% off, you’ll only save a few dollars on the Echo Show 5 & Blink Mini bundle.

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If space isn’t at a premium and you don’t need the extra camera, I would definitely recommend spending even less and upgrading to the Echo Show 8 while it’s on sale. It’s a much better deal right now.

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