How & Why of Introductions – On my Om

Everyone in Silicon Valley likes to make introductions. Most of the time, it is less about the introduction itself and more about its subliminal meaning.

Why do people make introductions to others in Silicon Valley? The more I think about it, the more I realize it is all about their own social validation and gathering social capital for themselves. After all, unless the introduction has a specific purpose, random intros are mostly about feeding your own ego.

Most introductions I make have a specific purpose. Either it is an ask to fulfill a specific need, or, in some cases, it is just to get to know me. The more abstract (or purposeless) an introduction — usually via email — more it shows disrespect for the other person and their time. 

When I personally make introductions, I ask in advance before making one. I want to be respectful of their time. And more often than not, i keep it simple—direct and actionable. 

What I don’t want or need is social capital.

May 16, 2024, San Francisco!

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