5 Best Leather Sandals for Men: Easy Breezy Comfort in 2024

We’ve all got at least one pair. Guilty as charged. Sentence us to life in sartorial prison and throw away the key.

I’m talking, of course, about that ubiquitous pair of throwaway sandals. Those rubber abominations that have served us and served us underwhelmingly well for days. Sometimes even weeks. Hot take aside, though, you should keep those. There’s a time and place for them.

But that time is not now, and that place is not here. For today, friends, is all about the five best leather sandals for men. From full-grain leather flip-flops built to last to resort-ready huarache sandals, this tidily curated shortlist of footwear phenoms is a masterclass in leathery leisure. And alliteration, apparently.

Dress them up. Dress them down. Wear them to the beach. Wear them to happy hour. Doesn’t matter—just don’t overthink them. That’s my job.

Speaking of…

Key Takeaways

To find the best leather sandals for men, I began by researching dozens of pairs and their materials, construction, handmade details, customer reviews, and photos. The resulting five are the best of the best across a range of categories, from travel-ready footwear to casual stunners and everywhere in between.

My top overall pick is the handsewn, full-grain leather specimen that is OluKai’s Hiapo Men’s Beach Sandal. Close on its heels is my no-less-handsome yet more budget-friendly pick of Sunsteps’ Barclay Huarache Sandal.

man standing on a diving board wearing a pair of allen edmonds monaco cross band sandal
allenedmonds / Instagram

OluKai Hiapo Men’s Beach Sandals: best leather sandals for men

Why they’re great: OluKai is one of those rare footwear brands that just gets it. The California-based company is known for its attention to detail, thoughtful construction, and buttery-soft comfort. Arguably, no other fairweather foot sheath embodies these attributes better than the venerable Hiapo beach sandal.

These handsewn, full-grain leather beauties offer generous arch support and are adorned with eye-catching Polynesian tattoo artwork. Form: check. Function: check. Worth every damn penny: you guessed it.

Who are these for? Any man who takes his leisure seriously and is willing to put his money where his mindset is.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: You need to have a good pair of Derbies. You need to have a fancy-pants pair of dress shoes. What you don’t need is a pair of the best men’s leather sandals.

What am I getting at? This is niche footwear. Nay… some of the best niche footwear out there. OluKai’s Hiapos aren’t for everyone, but those who know, know (psst, that’s you).

Material: 100% Leather | Sole Material: Leather, Rubber | Sizes Available: 7–15 | Colors Available: 2

best leather sandals for men: Sunsteps Barclay Huarache Sandal

Why they’re great: The Barclay Huarache Sandal from Sunsteps is every bit as casually elevated as its higher-end counterparts but at a fraction of the cost. The hand-woven leather uppers provide ample flexibility and breathability while the strong rubber soles work overtime to deliver a comfortable, durable step.

Who are these for? Pulling off a pair of huarache sandals isn’t necessarily an expert-level move, but it takes a deft sartorial hand to pair them properly. If you’re that guy, great. If not, don’t sweat it. Just tee these beauties up with a well-fitted pair of chinos or shorts and call it a day.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Though they’re super handsome and say a lot about how the wearer takes care of himself and his appearance, huarache sandals are a niche look. If you like to wear sandals every day during the warmer months, you’ll want to mix in some other types as well.

Material: 100% Leather | Sole Material: Micro Rubber | Sizes Available: 8.5–14 | Colors Available: 5

Allen Edmonds Monaco Cross Band Sandal

Why they’re great: Handcrafted in Italy, these timeless fisherman sandals feature supple leather uppers and footbeds for all-day comfort. Where will they provide said comfort, you ask? Thought you’d never. In the office. At a laid-back brunch. At happy hour. On the boat.

You get it. Allen Edmonds’ Monaco Cross Band Sandals are every bit as versatile as they are handsome. They are simply some of the best leather sandals for men.

Who are these for? Fisherman sandals are best suited to the man who has strong opinions about what can and can’t go on his body. And these, in particular, are a deliberate choice that should be dressed up or down accordingly.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The Monaco Cross Band Sandal features a roomy, relaxed fit. This makes them ideal for men with wider feet but less so for those with thin feet. The adjustable heel strap helps, but you may need to size down if you’re in the latter camp.

Material: 100% Leather | Sole Material: Rubber | Sizes Available: 7–14 | Colors Available: 3

Hari Mari Fields Flip Flops

Why they’re great: And here it is: the understated yet mighty traditional leather flip-flop. Specifically, Hari Mari Fields flip-flops. I’ve had my Hari Maris for years and they’re as sturdy and comfortable today as they were the day I bought them. I would definitely classify them in the category of the best leather sandals for men.

Made of pillow-soft nubuck leather, Hari Mari’s Fields feature memory foam footbeds, ample arch support, and grippy outsoles made of durable rubber. Wear them all day, every day.

Who are these for? The casual guy who’s tired of buying cheap sandals that explode every time you look at them wrong. These are the real deal and the flip-flops you turn to when you’re ready to settle down with The One.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Traditional flip-flops are more or less one-trick ponies. They’re casual, and that’s pretty much that. If you’re going for a more elevated casual look, then you’ll want to level up with a pair of huaraches, fisherman sandals, or another similar option.

Material: 100% Leather | Sole Material: Rubber | Sizes Available: 8–13 | Colors Available: 5

Birkenstock Men’s Amalfi Leather Arizona Sandals

Why they’re great: Birkenstock. There, we did it. Now you know what the best everyday leather sandals for men are. You don’t need to hear more, right? Because, of course, you’re already familiar with Birkenstock’s Arizona sandals.

Buttery-soft Amalfi leather. Timeless, iconic look. The durability and versatility of a shoe with the look and feel of a sandal. All present and accounted for. All here in some of the best leather sandals for men to luxuriate in.

Who are these for? Birkenstock’s Arizona has fallen in and out of mainstream fashion in the last several decades, but it’s always been part of the conversation. If you have feet and you’re a person, chances are you’ve dabbled or will eventually dabble somewhere along your footwear journey.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The Arizona’s footbed is designed to cradle the contours of your feet and provide arch support. This extra support is a welcome addition for those with flat feet or arch issues but can otherwise be uncomfortable and unnecessary.

Material: 100% Leather | Sole Material: Cork, EVA | Sizes Available: 6–13.5 | Colors Available: Dozens

wearing a pair of arizona sandals by birkenstock
birkenstock / Instagram

Buying Considerations For The Best Leather Sandals For Men


There’s a reason that you prefer wearing sandals in the summer over boots, sneakers, or any other species of footwear. It’s because they’re comfortable. At least they damn well better be.

Leather sandals not only last longer and better conform to the contours of your feet over time, but they just feel better in every way. Don’t hesitate to shell out a bit more cash for quality leather, construction, and comfort. Your feet will thank you, and you’ll end up spending less for replacements in the long term.


Huaraches. Flip-flops. Slides. Fisherman sandals. The list of sandal styles goes on and on. All you need to worry about is choosing a style that you feel great in. They should be comfortable, they should complement your personality and wardrobe, and they should be built to last.


Some leather sandals—Birkenstocks and Hari Maris, for example—have super thoughtful footbeds with arch support, details that cater to the contours of your feet, and other features. This is all good and fine, but only if you need them.

If your feet don’t require insole-style support, then you’ll likely be fine with a basic, flat footbed. Point is, don’t skimp on the footbed research when it comes to choosing the right men’s leather sandals for you.

man holding a fishing rod laughing
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How We Chose

As a fashion and grooming writer at FashionBeans, I compare, test, and research the products that make a gentleman a gentleman. If it can be worn, carried, or used in a way that elevates your look and feel, I’m into it.

For this review, I pored over trusted sources, customer reviews, materials, construction specifications, and my own experience to understand what makes the best leather sandals for men. After researching and comparing dozens of pairs, the resulting five are what I’m calling the best of the best. Some of my key considerations include:

Comfort: Not all of the best leather sandals for men are created equal. If you’re on your feet all day, for instance, you’ll want to opt for a thicker sole as opposed to a thin, dressy platform. If you’re a heavier guy, you’ll need support, stability, more support, and more stability.

For the purposes of this list, I made every effort to prioritize versatile sandals with leisure-friendly functionality, second only to craftsmanship and overall comfort.

Customer Reviews: I read multiple product reviews in search of both positive and negative throughlines to help inform my picks for the best leather sandals for men.

Materials: Well-constructed leather sandals for men made by skilled craftspeople are not only comfortable but they’re also built to last. Every pair of men’s leather sandals on this list checks both boxes. And a few extra boxes while they’re at it.

Why Trust Us?

Kelly is a long-time writer for FashionBeans and an all-around shoe and sandal enthusiast. In addition to hours of independent research, Kelly relied heavily on his own experience to find the best leather sandals for men.

He’s also written prolifically on the topic of footwear, covering the most comfortable men’s walking shoes, the best dad shoes, cowboy boot brands, and comfortable dress shoes, to name a few.

To substantiate that experience, he researched dozens of men’s leather sandals, consulting materials, construction, customer reviews, and his own closet to pick the best of the best. If there’s a stranger to trust for sandal advice, it’s Kelly.

Final Verdict

Walking shoes. Everyday sneakers. Dress shoes. Devil-may-care leather sandals that you can slap on at a moment’s notice, whether you’re off to the beach, happy hour, or a rooftop cocktail party. Those first three are important, but the last one is crucial.

My top pick for the best pair of leather sandals for men is OluKai’s Hiapo Men’s Beach Sandal, followed closely by Sunsteps’ Barclay Huarache Sandal.


    • Comfort is highly subjective, so what feels good to one guy might feel bad to another. That said, leather sandals are almost always more comfortable and more durable than fabric or rubber sandals. If you’re looking for comfortable sandals that will last for years, leather is the way to go.

      • Leather sandals can be worn on the beach, but they’re not the best option. If you’ll mostly be wearing your sandals on the beach, you’ll want them to be made of a synthetic material (EVA, for example) or other waterproof materials.

        • Not only should men wear leather sandals, men must wear leather sandals. Or, at the very least, have one quality pair in their arsenal. Leather sandals are comfortable, they’ll last for years, and they’ll conform to the unique contours of your feet over time.

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