2024 Summer Capsule Wardrobe | Jo-Lynne Shane

About the 2024 Summer Capsule

For this 2024 Summer Capsule Wardrobe, I stuck with mostly neutrals, but I have a few red pieces since red is trending this year, and also to make a few “patriotic outfits” for the 4th of July.

Please note, these wardrobe pieces are just suggestions. If you don’t care for the styles of pants that I chose, for example, you can certainly choose one that works for you. I gave each item a label, so you can see the general idea I was going for with each one.

Also, I included other options for each item at different price points in the shopping widget, and you may already have a lot of these items in your closet that you can use.

This capsule is also smaller than last year’s, with only 20 pieces, including shoes and handbags. It does not include swimwear, workout gear, or accessories. I think I liked the larger capsule better, so I’ll remember that for the next one. I would have liked to include a few more footwear options, and a couple more tops, but of course, you can add those to yours, if you like. This is just an idea to start with.

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