This could be the first app store with a solution to Apple’s hated Core Technology Fee — Find out why 20,000 people are waiting for this iPhone app to launch

One of Android’s most popular third-party app stores is finally coming to iOS in the EU, except it’s only for games, and it even comes with a new pricing structure to offset Apple’s Core Technology Fee. It could be a real game-changer.

A report from The Verge shared details of the new iPhone Aptoide app, a version of Android’s popular app marketplace, except the iOS version is focused exclusively on games. Over 20,000 people are currently on the signup list, waiting as it releases into a closed access period on June 6. The team behind the app is putting out 500 to 1,000 codes every day to make sure enough people to thoroughly test the app. It will then launch into a wider market in the future. 

What makes this app store special?

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