8 Best 5-blade Razors: Close Comfort You Can Trust in 2024

Guys are getting greedier. We want more money, hair, muscles, potato chips, you name it. Heck, things are getting that bad, our acquisitiveness has even extended to our grooming gear—more specifically, razors.

Rewind a few years, and we, myself included, were quite content with a blade or two. Now, obviously, just like Oliver Twist, we want more. But instead of bellowing like Mr Bumble, I’m pleased to tell you I’m happy to oblige.

Keep reading as I help you find the best 5-blade razors on the market. A must-have for the closest cut, these tremendous trimmers offer baby-faced smoothness and a lifetime of shaving satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

As well as a shaving bowl, soap, and cream, every guy’s grooming cabinet should include a quality razor. Which is why I’ve separated the pros from the pretenders, reading ratings, reviews, and trying as many razors as my face could handle, to find the best men’s 5-blade razors money can buy.

Here you’ll find an abundance of options for every budget and skin type, including standout razors from Gillette and Schick.

the cremo tortoise handle 5 blade razor
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Gillette Fusion5 Razor: best 5-blade razors

Why it’s great: Providing the ultimate combination of speed, safety, and smoothness, Gillette’s Fusion5 razor really is the best a man can get. Not only does it offer a superior shave to its competitors, but thanks to its anti-friction, low-cutting force blades, it also feels comfortable in your hand and can be used about 18 times before it needs a refill.

My favorite feature is the addition of a single blade, found on the reverse, that helps you shave those hard-to-reach spots, while offering precise trimming around sideburns and beard edges.

Who is this for? Equipped with a lubrication strip, ergonomic handle, and anti-friction blades, the Fusion5 is an excellent all-rounder that’s suitable for multiple skin and hair types, plus bald heads.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The blades are quite closely spaced, which means that they can sometimes take a while to rinse. Admittedly, I was guilty of giving mine a few taps on the bathroom sink to speed up the process, but it’s not recommended.

Type: Cartridge | Length: 199mm | Handle style: Ergonomic | Material: Plastic | Skin type: All

AmazonBasics 5 Blade MotionSphere Razor

Why it’s great: Amazon’s MotionSphere razor might be entry-level, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on quality or function—making it the best men’s 5-blade razor for guys on a budget.

Boasting hypoallergenic lubricating strips with vitamin E to help reduce skin irritation, it’s finished with a multi-axis pivot head that follows the contours of your face and ensures an easy and enjoyable shave.

Who is this for? A cheaper alternative to Gillette’s Fusion5, this is a useful razor that performs well and cuts close. It even comes with the same trimmer blade that can help to style and shave tricky spots.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It struggles a little with thicker facial hair. I found that it performed best when shortening longer stubble with a trimmer or electric razor first.

Type: Cartridge | Length: 198mm | Handle style: Ergonomic | Material: Metal | Skin type: All

Cremo 5 Blade Razor

Why it’s great: Not just a pretty face, Cremo’s razor actually performs as good as it looks. Promising a barber-grade quality shave, it puts its money where its mouth is, making light work of stubborn stubble and leaving your face baby-smooth thanks to the three layers of comfort coating found on the blades.

What makes it really stand out is the weighted, tapered handle, in a beautiful tortoiseshell design, that helps with balance and grip during shaving. There’s also an integrated pull-back trimmer that can be used for precise edging and shaping.

Who is this for? A must-have for men of class, this is the 5-blade razor in terms of appearance, while also providing a quality shave.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Compared to some of the other options on this list, this one does tend to go through cartridges quite quickly. Though the price of a new cartridge isn’t too bad.

Type: Cartridge | Length: 192mm | Handle style: Weighted | Material: Metal | Skin type: All

Gillette Labs Razor

Why it’s great: Apart from making one of the most aesthetically pleasing razors I’ve tested, Gillette Labs is a top performer when it comes to closeness and skin satisfaction.

Comfortable in the hand and built with an adaptive head, it’s finished with an innovative exfoliating bar that releases trapped hairs and allows the blades to properly get to work. You also get a lubricating strip and a precision trimmer.

Who is this for? Ideal for dry skin but suitable for all, this is an uber-impressive razor that’s been given five stars by more than 4,000 Amazon reviewers.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It’s more expensive than most, and the grip (especially for use in the shower) could be improved.

Type: Cartridge | Length: 189mm | Handle style: Knurled | Material: Metal | Skin type: Dry

Bulldog Original Bamboo Razor

Why it’s great: Complete with a natural bamboo handle and un-chromed metal components, Bulldog’s razor is unlike anything else on the market (to look at, at least).

But it’s not just kinder to the planet. It’s also affordable and offers a brilliant shave thanks to the tempered steel blades, flexible head, lubricating strip (with aloe), and precision trimmer.

Who is this for? A sustainable option that performs just as well as its competitors, this is the best 5-blade razor for those looking to make more eco-friendly purchases.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It feels a bit clunkier in your hand compared to others.

Type: Cartridge | Length: 202mm | Handle style: Ergonomic | Material: Bamboo, steel | Skin type: All

Bic 5 Titanium Disposable Razor

Why it’s great: In my experience, most disposable razors are a handy tool to use every once in a while—tossing them in the trash as soon as you’ve tidied up your beard. This one, however, is a little different.

Featuring five ultra-thin titanium blades and a precision trimmer, it lasts far longer and gives you a seriously close shave while soothing your skin with its lubricating strip enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E.

The handle is comfortable and has a decent weight, plus the moving head pivots 40 degrees, adjusting to your movements as you shave.

Who is this for? Whether you just need something to tidy up your neck and cheeks or simply like the convenience that disposable razors offer, this is a winner. It could also be a decent option for first-time shavers.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Seeing as you have to throw them away once the blades go blunt, disposables aren’t exactly planet-friendly.

Type: Disposable | Length: Not specified | Handle style: Ergonomic | Material: Rubber | Skin type: All

Schick Hydro Sensitive Razor

Why it’s great: There’s a reason Schick razors always have so much praise: Not only are they affordable, but they’re also easy to use and come with cushioning gel pools enriched with aloe and pro-vitamin B5 that hydrate and soothe sensitive skin.

This one gives you roughly 18 shaves per cartridge and boasts clever tech that auto-adjusts, based on how you shave, to provide optimal pressure. There’s even a flip-back trimmer that can tidy up smaller areas.

Who is this for? For those who suffer from razor burn, redness, or itchiness, this is the best 5-blade razor to reduce skin irritation, especially if you use it with an unscented shaving cream.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The handle feels wider than average. Although it wasn’t a problem for me, some users might prefer something slimmer.

Type: Cartridge | Length: 177mm | Handle style: Shock absorb | Material: Steel | Skin type: Sensitive, all

Harry's Shaving Kit

Why it’s great: This Harry’s shaving kit includes a razor, travel cover, three blade refills, and a 4-ounce shave gel. So, you might want to consider it as a gift, as well as a treat to yourself.

The razor delivers a comfortable and close shave with its flexible head, a lubricating strip, and a precision trimmer. The rubberised handle, complete with a textured grip, feels nice in your hand and perfectly weighted.

Who is this for? Suitable for beginners and long-serving shavers alike, Harry’s 5-blade razor will happily tackle a range of facial hair lengths, whether you’re styling a mustache or getting rid of stubble.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I’ve definitely used razors that leave me feeling smoother, but for the price and performance, this can be considered one of the best men’s 5-blade razors.

Type: Cartridge | Length: 184mm | Handle style: Knurled | Material: Rubber | Skin type: All

harry's 5 blade razor shaving kit
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Buying Considerations for the Best 5-blade Razors 

Blade Quality

The quality and sharpness of the blades are essential for achieving a close, smooth shave. Look for razors with high-quality stainless steel blades, which tend to be sharper and more durable. Some razors may even come with coatings like titanium or platinum, which can further enhance sharpness and extend the lifespan of the blades.


A comfortable shave goes beyond how it feels on your skin. As well as considering features such as lubrication strips and a pivoting head, you should also look at the design of the handle. An ergonomic handle with a non-slip grip ensures better control and comfort during shaving, especially when you’re in the shower.

Cartridge Replacement Cost

It’s important not to overlook the availability and cost of replacement cartridges. Some razors have cartridges that are widely available and affordable; others might be more expensive or harder to find. Assess the long-term cost of ownership by checking how much replacement cartridges cost and how frequently they need to be replaced.

holding a shaving cream and a 5 blade razor by gillette labs
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How We Chose

During the past few weeks, I’ve sought help from friends, family, and facial hair experts to find the very best 5-blade razor. After eliminating obvious non-contenders and narrowing down the options that stood out for performance and price, I judged each contender on the below criteria:

Closeness: If it couldn’t offer a close shave, it didn’t make the cut. I assessed how well each razor could achieve a smooth finish with minimal passes. This included examining the sharpness of the blades and how effectively they cut through different hair types and densities.

Ease of Use: Is it easy to use? Can cartridges be easily replaced? How does it perform around curves and contours? To be considered the best 5-blade razor, its design and functionality had to be on point.

Comfort: Comfort during and after shaving is essential to prevent irritation, redness, and cuts, especially if you have sensitive skin. I looked out for features such as lubrication strips and analyzed the smoothness of the shaving experience and the level of irritation experienced post-shave.

Why Trust Us?

Billy Webb is our menswear marvel. He specializes in finding the products every guy needs and wants, from natural hair dyes to supportive underwear, and loves nothing more than helping men look and feel their best.

During a career that spans almost two decades, he’s worked as stylist and social media manager, as well as a freelance writer for some of the industry’s biggest publications. He also holds a degree in multimedia journalism, making him the ideal candidate to unearth hidden gems such as the top 5-blade razor.

By relying on Billy’s recommendations, you can be confident that each product has been carefully selected and tested to ensure that it meets the highest standards. Whether you’re looking for the perfect razor or the most comfortable underwear, Billy’s insights will guide you to make the best choice for your needs.

Final Verdict

After testing eight different options, I’ve concluded that Gillette has the best 5-blade razor. Offering ultimate versatility and an impressively close shave, the Fusion5 comes at an affordable price with a comfortable grip and minimal irritation.


    • For some, using a single-blade razor can offer a better shaving experience. However, the choice depends on personal preference, skin type, and shaving technique, as many others may find multi-blade razors more convenient and effective for their needs.

      • Though results will differ for each user, a single-blade razor can sometimes provide a closer and smoother shave with reduced irritation and fewer ingrown hairs. It’s also cost-effective, as blades tend to last longer and are cheaper to replace.

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