15 Best Boxer Briefs for 2024

Considering the long history of men’s fashion, boxer briefs are in their infancy. But that hasn’t stopped them from taking men’s underwear drawers by storm since the 90s. Since you’re here looking for the best men’s boxer briefs, you probably already know how awesome this hybrid style is.

Even if you think you know exactly what you want, making a decision can be tough. Unless you’ve done hours and hours of research, you never really know what you’re getting. For the guys who want to skip all the boring stuff and dig straight into the meat of the matter, Fashionbeans is here. 

We put together a buying guide for the best boxer briefs for men, so you can choose your favorite pair. Prepare for your balls and butts to be happy, healthy, and comfy. You’re welcome.


Man Standing against a stone half wall in the best boxer briefs


For years, designer John Varvatos ag Calvin Klein was thought to have pioneered men’s boxer briefs when he chopped the legs off of a pair of long johns. That’s a pretty good sign these must be the best pair around. Another good sign is they’re also the most comfortable boxer briefs you’re likely ever to wear. If there’s anything comfier for this good of a price, we didn’t find it.

These boxer briefs for men don’t have tons of crazy features, but they don’t really need them. This has been a winning design since the 90s and you know what they say—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex | Colors available: Black, Blue, Gray, White, + | Sizes available:  S – XL |

Calvin Klein Stretch Boxer Brief

You might worry that white boxer briefs will just look like oversized tightey whiteys, but don’t stress. Wahls white Cooper boxer briefs are immaculate. These bad boys are way more of a luxurious fashion statement than they are grade-schooler undies.

You’re going to pay for the quality, but for some of the best boxer briefs for men, it’s not bad. Wahl’s trademark quality will speak for itself, and if you love white boxer briefs, get ready to be a repeat customer.

Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex | Colors available: White | Sizes available:  S – XXL |

Wahts Cooper Boxer Briefs

Gildan has been long-known as the boss of blank t-shirts, and their underwear lives up to that quality. If you’re looking for 100% cotton boxer briefs (most are 95% cotton at most), these are the best you’ll find for the price. We chose a covered waistband because if you love cotton, you’ll love the way a covered waistband feels.

This pair is the classic boxer brief length with moisture-wicking tech to keep your crotch from turning into a rainforest. They also skipped the annoying tag, so that’s another plus.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Black, Gray, Red, Navy, + | Sizes available: | S -XXL

Gildan Covered Waistband Boxer Briefs

Lucky Brand makes some of the best men’s pants you’ll have the privilege of wearing. It’s no surprise, then, that their long-leg boxer briefs are the best we found. Like Lucky Brand pants, these are no needless frills and all comfort.

These long-leg boxers are great all-rounders, even if you’re a bigger guy. You’ll be just as comfortable wearing these on long gym days as you will on long walks through the city. Grab a pair of these, and your precious parts will feel lucky every time you wear them.

Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex | Colors available:  Coral/Navy Print/Gray, Blue/Gray/Black | Sizes available:  S-XL |

Lucky Brand Long Leg Boxer Briefs

Fruit of the Loom is one of the most well-known affordable undergarment brands in the game. These lightweight boxer briefs are their most wallet-friendly pair, but that doesn’t mean they lack quality. They just cut down on the pricier fabrics a little to save money.

Not only will you barely notice these boxer briefs for men covering your secret garden, but they’re also easy on your wallet. We’ll take eight pairs for under $30 any day of the week.

Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester | Colors available: Blue, Navy, Baby blue, Red | Sizes available:  S – XL |

Fruit of the Loom Lightweight Underwear

If you’re going to buy short boxer briefs to keep your legs nice and cool, you might as well double down on chilling out. Bamboo clothing is known for its ability to keep you warm while ventilating, so you don’t sweat out. Bamboo Cool’s underwear will keep your package cool and your bottom comfy.

Bamboo Cool has done away with most stitching on these, meaning this pair will be even more comfortable than lesser underwear. These are totally worth a try for fans of short boxer briefs.

Material: 92% Bamboo viscose, 8% Spandex | Colors available:  Black, Red, Navy, Baby blue, + | Sizes available: S – 3XL |

Bamboo Cool Bamboo Trunks

If you want to show a little extra skin, these low-rise boxer briefs from Uniqlo might be for you. They have short legs like the bamboo trunks above, but they also sit lower on your hips. If you remember how women wore their pants in the 2000s, you’ll know what I mean. 

The bright red of these extra-sultry jock-savers brings the sex appeal to the next level, and the Supima cotton makes them top-tier soft. They’re also pretty cheap—that might be the sexiest part. 

So, get sexy and show a little extra skin. We’re sure whoever you’re trying to impress will love them. 

Material: 93% Supima Cotton, 7% Spandex | Colors available:  White, Black, Gray, Red, + | Sizes available: S – 3XL |

Uniqlo Supima Cotton Low-rise Boxer Briefs Red

There are plenty of silk boxer shorts out there, but boxer briefs? Not so much. That being said, there are some great options, and these are the best. They fit just like normal boxer briefs but have that smooth, flowing fabric you’re looking for (if you’re looking for silk underwear, that is). 

Viamulion isn’t a big brand or anything, but what they are is well-reviewed and affordable. That makes these silk puppies extra special. Just don’t throw them in the washing machine, they’re hand wash only.

Material: 100% Silk | Colors available: Baby blue, Black | Sizes available: S – XXL |

Viamulion 100% Silk Knitted Boxer Briefs

If designer boxer briefs for men are your goal, CDLP has your new favorite pair. Their boxer briefs were designed in Sweden to have the softest feel possible while maintaining high levels of toughness. Silks just can’t compare to Lyocell.

CDLP is a newer designer, but they’ve made quite the splash already. Since 2016, they have been one of the best-reviewed men’s underwear brands in the world. These best men’s boxer briefs are smoother than silk, softer than cotton, and tagless in lieu of a more comfortable design. 

They’re one of the most expensive pairs in our guide, but we think it’s totally worth it (and we suspect you will too).

Material: 95% Lyocell, 5% Elastane | Colors available: Navy, Black, White, Gray, + | Sizes available: S – XL 

Pouches on boxer briefs are one of the simplest yet effective innovations in men’s skivvies since boxer briefs themselves. Adding a little bit of separation between your frank and beans helps you out in a few different ways.  

For starters, they prevent any of the normal chaffing that burns you up after long walking days or morning run. They don’t hug your guy parts to the body like briefs do, just a little cradle to keep them safe and air them out. The slight separation even keeps them fungus-free (bathing helps too, but we hope that’s a given).

This pair also has X-temp technology. That’s a fancy way of saying it keeps you cooler than regular cotton boxers would. Even with all those features, they’re still affordable. This pair of boxer briefs for men is a victory for Hanes.

Material: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex | Colors available: Black | Sizes available:  S – 3XL |

Hanes Total Support Pouch Boxer Briefs

If you’re the type of guy who loves wacky patterns on your drawers, this might be your new favorite set of fashion boxer briefs for men. Warriors and Scholars are known for delivering unique colors and patterns on quality materials at a price that will make your wallet smile. Pack 33 contains patterns perfect for the guy who loves retro styles.

We wouldn’t be surprised if these designs came from psychedelic wallpaper from the 60s or 70s. That throwback vibe is what makes them so appealing. If retro isn’t your thing, they also come in patterns like Mexican sugar skulls (Day of the Dead style), welcoming pineapples, or swaying palm trees. There are patterns for everyone on these men’s boxer briefs.

They still have great features like moisture-wicking and anti-chafing fabric, so fun designs aren’t the only reason to give these crazy undergarments a try.

Material: Poly-rayon fiber blend | Colors available: Plenty of wild patterns | Sizes available: S – XXL (3XL – 5XL coming soon) |

Warriors and Scholars Pack 33

If you don’t know what performance boxer briefs are, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. Do your normal men’s boxers turn into a heinous ball-sauna mid-workout? If you end up a chaffed mess at the gym, performance-style boxer briefs for men are here to help. 

Enhanced sweat-wicking and quick-drying materials keep your fragile cargo from dehydrating and shriveling up (balls can’t actually shrivel, don’t worry). They also come equipped with non-chafing seams that don’t scrape at your leg, mesh panels for perfect ventilation, and CDLP’s signature waistband to keep your lower half as happy as possible all day, no matter what you’re doing.

Material: rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) | Colors available: Black | Sizes available: XS – XXL |

CDLP Performance Boxer Briefs

If you want everything down to your underwear to be on trend this year, these sage green boxer briefs for men are the way. They’re expensive compared to brands like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, but the lyocell and cotton design is dripping with class and luxury. Hamilton and Hare give men’s underwear the respect it deserves, and you can tell when you wear them.

Subtle, elegant colors like this sage green are sure to grab everyone’s attention this year. There’s a reason pastel is on-trend. After the past few years of isolation and paranoia, everyone wants to get out, be loud, and be heard. We can’t blame them, so let your junk be vocal with this amazing pair of underwear. 

Material: 64% Lycocell, 32% Cotton, 4% Elastane | Colors available: Sage green | Sizes available: XS – XXL | 

Sustainable, organic clothing is becoming more and more readily available. Frank and Oak, makers of some of the best boxer briefs for men, took a swing at sustainable skivvies with their The Organic trunks. This garment consists solely of organic cotton and recycled polyester.   

They’re not just good for the environment. These are top of their class performers that will make you proud to wear them whether you’re running a marathon or lounging around in a beanbag chair. Plus, their Rudolf Silverplus antimicrobial coating protects the freshness of your new favorite underwear for over 25 washes (whatever it is they mean by that).

Material: 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex   | Colors available: Black, Navy, Gray, Maroon, +   | Sizes available: S – XL |

Striped trunks capture a certain nostalgia that other pieces of clothing just can’t match. Tap into your vintage vibe with Frank and Oak’s organic striped edition. I know you just saw The Organic, but they were so awesome we couldn’t recommend another striped boxer brief for men. 

 If you want your boxer briefs to capture a 50’s retro look, these are probably your best bet. They’re only available in a charming green pastel at the moment, but that color kills wherever it goes, so we don’t mind. If you missed the last entry, they’re also made from 100% sustainable materials. 

 Material: 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex | Colors available: Pastel green/white stripes | Sizes available: S – XL |

What To Look For In Men’s Boxer Briefs


Before you decide on what you think is the best boxer brief for men, you need to consider what you’ll be doing while you wear them. If you want something specifically for long running sessions, performance boxer briefs might be your go-to. We also have several jacks of all trades sack savers in our buying guide above that will work well wherever you go.

Once you decide whether you’re looking for something to hit the gym or hit the sack, check out the guide above and find your favorite. All of our entries make it clear what they do best for your pole and plums.  


Now that you know what you’ll be doing in your new favorite boxer briefs, it’s time to choose a style. We have a little from each underwear style in our buying guide. Sometimes longer pairs are good for long runs and walks to avoid chaffing. You also might want to show a little more skin than regular boxer briefs. In that case, you might want to check out some boxer trunks.

Whichever you decide on, we found some of the best options, so you don’t have to.

Two men with tattoos standing on the beach in the best boxer briefs


The final thing to keep in mind when deciding on the best boxer shorts is the material. Cotton is the old classic, but a lot of brands are adding some spandex or elastane for a little stretch. The expansion is nice, but it’s not for everyone and can be a little too constricting for some guys if you don’t find the right fit.

The most luxurious feeling boxer briefs for men, in most folk’s opinions, are made of at least 50% silk or lyocell. Both are incredibly soft and will make you feel like a young Hugh Heffner (and who doesn’t want that?)  


    • There are two optimal ways to fold your boxer briefs. One is military-style, folding them in half once the long way, so there’s only one leg showing, then rolling like a sleeping bag from the waistband down. Any drill sergeant would be pumped to see that.

      The other method is regular ol’ civilian style, folding it in half just like you did in military mode, then closing it like a tri-fold wallet. Either way will save space, but you might feel kind of weird rolling your clothes up unless you’ve been in the service.  

      • Whether you wear boxers or boxer briefs comes down to comfort and how much room you need down there. Briefs (or tightey whiteys, as kids resentfully called them) are all but excommunicated from the closets and dressers of most guys by first or second grade.

        Boxer briefs, on the other hand, deliver the same type of package control but with a little more coverage. You won’t have to feel like you’re rocking a Speedo.

        • Aside from not looking like a five-year-old boy, wearing boxer briefs will allow your delicate gonads some natural dangle space. Constantly being squeezed to your crotch can keep them a bit too hot for fruitful growth of your man-seed. Not to mention the possibility of fungi (yes, fungi of the sack). If you’re wearing briefs for some reason, just make the switch.

          There is some hearsay out there about boxer briefs tarnishing your family jewels. We’re here to tell you that none of it is grounded in fact—leave the health of your packaged goods to medical professionals.

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