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My thanks to for sponsoring Six Colors this week. is a clever idea—it turns your reading list into a podcast playlist. I collect longer articles throughout the week that I just don’t have time to dive into at the moment—and they often get lost in the shuffle. But I never lose track of my podcast queue. This is where makes it easy: It turns articles into episodes of a podcast, so your reading list can be automatically transformed into a podcast in your queue. It all works via email, so you just share any article you want via your browser’s share sheet to your email address. (This means you can also forward any email to Listen Later, even ones with attachments, and it will translate the whole thing into spoken audio.)

Listen Later uses some really high quality AI voices to read your audio. They’re really excellent narrators, and you can choose from numerous voice options. You can also have Listen Later auto-translate articles in other languages into your chosen language.

Head over to and start your free trial today.

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