5 Best Dress Shoe Brands for Men: Look Impeccable in 2024

Where does one go when looking for a quality pair of dress shoes? It’s a question that has left the lips of many a stylish fellow, so you should never be afraid to ask it. In fact, you definitely should ask it; otherwise, guys like me would soon be out of a job.

Whether you’re looking for something special, extra comfortable, or an affordable pair you can wear every once in a while, I’ve been searching high and low for the best dress shoe brands for men.

Keep reading as I create a special shoe-pedia, introducing the top five footwear mavens that should be on every guy’s sartorial radar.

Key Takeaways

A stalwart of the working man’s wardrobe and the foundation of every fella’s formalwear, dress shoes are as essential as loafers, sneakers, or winter boots.

To find the cream of the crop and the brands that make them, I’ve pored over feedback, forums, and far too many fashion guides in order to create a definitive list of the best dress shoe brands for men.

What started as a list of 20 names has now been narrowed down to five finalists, including Velasca and Church’s.

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Velasca Giacalustra-N: best dress shoe brands for men

Why is this brand great? Italians make great shoes, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better cordwainer than Velasca, which is pretty impressive seeing as they started the business only in 2013.

Using real lives, places, and occasions as inspiration, the brand offers an array of timeless shoes, from boots to penny loafers, made by the experienced hands of skilled artisans, whom you’ll actually receive a picture of when you order a pair (it’s a lovely personal touch).

When it comes to dress shoes, they have quite the collection—made from the finest Italian leathers that age gracefully and last a lifetime.

Why this product stands out: The king of dress shoes, the Oxford should be every guy’s first foray into the formal footwear market. And if you’re looking for a design that’ll stand the test of time, Velasca, one of the best dress shoe brands for men, should be your go-to.

Crafted from smooth calfskin leather with a sole made from vegetable tanned cowhide, this traditional lace-up style is truly a work of art. Suitable for year-round wear and comfortable straight out of the box, they can be worn with a suit and shirt or dressed down with slacks and a knitted polo.

Myrqvist Ålsten Dark Brown Calf

Why is this brand great? A personal favorite that I regularly turn to for my casual dress shoes, Myrqvist is a relatively new brand (it was founded in 2016) that has clearly been making up for lost time.

Myrqvist was awarded as the fastest growing Swedish shoemaker in 2020, and its selection of shoes are put together by experienced artisans in Portugal using the very best materials from top tanneries in the world. Putting as much care into comfort as they do composition, they also use a variety of lasts to suit all kinds of foot shapes.

Why this product stands out: An elegant choice that will sit comfortably among your coolest designs, the monk shoe is characterized by its single- or double-buckled strap that replaces laces and gives your looks a subtle point of difference.

Sleek and seriously stylish, this pair is a match made in heaven for a navy suit but can also be worn with a more casual outfit of chinos and a button-down shirt. Made from premium full-grain leather using Goodyear-welted construction, they’re a wonderfully timeless option that’ll never let you down.

Bruno Marc Dress Loafers Slip On

Why is this brand great? You’re mistaken if you thought I picked Bruno Marc only because its shoes are affordable. I mean, they are, but they’re actually well-made too. Not to mention nice to look at.

The brand is committed to comfort and determined to offer excellent value for money, and their budget-friendly footwear ensures that you always put your best foot forward. From Oxfords and loafers to Derbies and wingtips, each pair has been made for the everyday events that matter—be it an interview, the first day of a new job, or tying the knot.

Why this product stands out: If you thought loafers were too casual to wear with a suit, then you need only to look at this dressy pair to realize that you were wrong. Sleek and stylish with a classic horsebit buckle, they’re great for formal fits but look class with casual clobber, too.

Jousen Leather Oxford Shoes

Why is this brand great? Looking for the best dress shoe brands for men on Amazon isn’t as easy as you might think. Sure, there’s plenty to choose from, but the overall quality is lacking—materials definitely aren’t up to scratch, and feet are feeling sore.

Jousen breaks the mold, offering a variety of formal footwear that’s not just well-made and comfortable but also affordable for pretty much any budget. They even accommodate men who usually struggle to squeeze their trotters into narrow shoes.

Why this product stands out: Named for the wing-shaped detailing typically placed by the toe, wingtips are the kind of dress shoes that tell the world you’re serious about looking good.

More grown-up than loafers or brogues with bucketfuls of class, this pair from Jousen will bring a fresh dose of visual interest to your most formal looks, whether you’re taking the Monday-morning meeting or trying to impress a date. They’re made from leather and finished with rubber soles, and Amazon customers give them five stars for quality, comfort, and fit.

Church’s Shannon Polished Binder Derby

Why is this brand great? From humble beginnings in a small Northampton workshop to being recognized as one of the best dress shoe brands for men, Church’s journey, it’s fair to say, has been a success.

The British shoemaker, now part of the Prada Group, has been manufacturing fine footwear for more than 150 years and is synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship, the finest leathers, and timeless British design. If it’s artisanal expertise you’re after and shoes that are both elegant and practical, then Church’s is a name you should start taking seriously.

Why this product stands out: Where do I start? This clean and classic Derby has been crafted using a single piece of leather, which means using the highest quality hide and ensuring faultless uppers free from any marks or flaws. It’s been hand-stitched by specialized craftsmen and set upon a durable, storm-welted double sole before being given a polished binder finish that gives it its dressiness.

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Buying Considerations for The Best Dress Shoe Brands For Men


Look for brands that use high-quality materials, such as full-grain leather, which ensures durability and comfort. The best dress shoe brands for men will offer quality craftsmanship to provide the utmost excellence in terms of a shoe’s construction, stitching, and overall finish.


A well-made dress shoe should provide excellent comfort and fit. You’ll want to choose a brand that can offer features such as cushioned insoles, good arch support, and a comfortable last (the shape of the shoe).


Find a brand that offers a range of classic and contemporary styles to suit different occasions and personal tastes. Versatile dress shoes can be worn with a variety of outfits, from formal business attire to more casual settings.

the Velasca Giacalustra-N
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How We Chose

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested hundreds of footwear, which helped point me in the right direction when looking for the best dress shoe brands for men. After collating a list of those that I already knew were great, I read reviews and ratings, and reached out to industry insiders to add even more options.

Once I was happy with the names that I had shortlisted, I eventually narrowed them down to just five after judging each shoemaker on the following criteria:

Customer Feedback: What do customers say about the brand’s shoes? I looked at how customers reviewed and rated shoes, focusing on comfort, durability, and overall satisfaction. Positive feedback on factors like fit, support, and long-term wearability was crucial in determining the best dress shoe brands.

Aftercare: What happens after you’ve received your shoes? I evaluated the customer service and aftercare support provided by each brand, finding out whether they offered repairs, refurbishments, and advice on maintaining the shoes. The brands that offered comprehensive aftercare services or guarantees were given higher consideration.

Pricing: I compared the cost of each brand’s shoes, considering the value for money in terms of quality and longevity. I looked for those that offered shoes at various price points, ensuring that there were options available for different budgets without compromising on quality.

Reputation: I researched each brand’s reputation in the industry, taking into account their history, craftsmanship, and commitment to quality. Established brands with a heritage of shoemaking excellence and a reputation for using high-quality materials and construction methods were prioritized.

Why Trust Us?

Billy Webb is a seasoned writer with more than 10 years of experience in the menswear industry. With a passion for footwear and a keen eye for style, he has already authored hundreds of guides and articles, including the most comfortable loafers and shoes for overweight men.

Billy’s expertise lies in providing insightful recommendations and reviews on a wide range of products, helping guys make informed decisions based on quality, comfort, and style. His dedication to delivering accurate and well-researched content has earned him a trusted reputation among readers and makes him the ideal candidate to find the best dress shoe brands.

Final Verdict

When considering the best dress shoe brands for men, I found that Velasca stood out from the start. Not only does it marry traditional Italian craftsmanship with a modern sensibility, but it also uses high-quality materials that ensure the utmost durability and comfort.

From elegant Oxfords to luxury loafers, each Velasca design offers the perfect blend of classic style and contemporary flair, making them versatile enough for any occasion, whether you’re heading to the boardroom or grabbing lunch with friends.


    • The answer will vary depending on personal preference, budget, and style. However, there are some brands, such as Church’s, Velasca, and Myrqvist, that stand out in terms of craftsmanship, durability, and style. Each uses high-quality materials, traditional construction methods, and offers a range of classic and contemporary designs.

      • When choosing men’s dress shoes for standing all day, comfort and support are crucial. Look for shoes that have cushioned insoles, good arch support, and shock-absorbing soles to reduce fatigue.

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